Circonus, Inc., creators of the IRONdb time-series database and Circonus real-time monitoring and analytics platform proudly announce the development of the Circonus Istio adapter, which allows users of the Istio service-mesh to send metrics into the Circonus monitoring platform. This makes Circonus the first monitoring vendor to offer Istio-based metric consumption.

Operators of Istio, Kubernetes-based systems, and systems using Docker and Consul container orchestration, can use Circonus’ quantile-based analytics to gain deep understanding of service availability, reliability modes, and behavior. This ability isn’t available in monitoring systems that only store averages or single data points. This innovation is possible with Circonus’ histogram-enabled data storage.

Circonus is the only monitoring solution that aggregates service metrics across containers to extract accurate results from systems data. The Circonus Istio adapter provides a clear, correct view of their system’s behavior, and enables operators to make data-supported decisions about their infrastructure. Circonus stores complete systems metric distributions as histograms, providing accurate, actionable insight.

“Istio provided a well-designed interface to syndicate service telemetry via adapters, we knew that a Circonus adapter would be a natural fit. Istio has been designed to provide a highly performant, highly scalable application control plane, and Circonus has been designed with performance and scalability as core principles.”

-Circonus Developer Evangelist, Fred Moyer

Being able to ask the right questions with the Circonus Istio adapter enables unparalleled insight for business-optimization.

On Istio-enabled container-based systems, such as Kubernetes, operators can use Circonus to determine the aggregate service reliability over any time period for each of their services, instead of just looking at percentile service levels of individual pods. This allows operators to ask questions like: “What were response times for my shopping cart service last Friday between 6pm and 6:15pm when Black Friday started?” “What were they for the 95th, 99th, and 99.9th percentile?” “How many users of my shopping cart service had a response time greater than 5 seconds during that period?”