CirrusHosting, a leading provider of VPS hosting,enterprise cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting, has announced the introduction of IPv6 support across all of its hosting and cloud offerings. CirrusHosting will be among the first Canadian cloud vendors to offer full support for IPv6, allowing clients to deploy their sites and cloud infrastructure onto a future-proof platform and take full advantage of the benefits provided by the protocol.

In recent years, the number of connected devices has increased beyond anything that was conceived of by the progenitors of the Internet. That trend is certain to continue, with many more devices requiring an addressable connection, particularly in the wake of the mobile revolution and the coming Internet Of Things (IoT). IPv4 does not offer sufficient address space to accommodate every connected device, but IPv6, with its 128-bit address structure, allows for exponentially more addresses.

Overcoming address exhaustion is not the only benefit of IPv6. The Internet Engineering Taskforce took the opportunity to create a significantly enhanced protocol, which implements benefits that include more efficient packet processing, multicast data flows, simplified network configuration, support for new services, and increased security with built-in IPSec, all of which are of tremendous benefit to users of the CirrusHosting cloud hosting, enterprise hosting, and shared hosting platforms.

“CirrusHosting always endeavors to be ahead of the curve with adoption of new technologies, particularly those that are likely to be of significant benefit to our clients,” commented Cirrus President Ali Mirdamadi. “By making IPv6 available across all of our services, the only Canadian hosting provider to do so, our clients will be better able to make the transition to a protocol more suited to the Internet of today.”

CirrusHosting provides comprehensive managed hosting and consulting services to businesses and government organizations, including virtual private servers, enterprise and SMB cloud hosting, hosted business collaboration applications, including Open-Xchange and Microsoft Exchange, as well as both public and private dedicated cloud platforms. IPv6 will be made available on all applicable plans and services.


About CirrusHosting

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