Be in the moment as Cleer Inc., a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree, designer, and manufacturer of high-performance headphones and electronics, announces the SPACE, Smart Home Speaker with Alibaba AI Voice Service to be shown and demonstrated at The Venetian Hotel – Suite 29-324 during CES 2018.

Introducing audio-enjoyment redefined – the SPACE, Smart Home Speaker, supported by the Qualcomm® Smart Audio Platform and Sensory TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control technologies for responsive and natural voice control via Alibaba AI Voice Service and advanced echo cancellation.

Immersive, 360-degree sound is provided by a unique 7.1 channel speaker matrix, digital amplifier and DSP. User-selectable audio modes afford enhanced music enjoyment, movie viewing, and party use. Alone, or in pairs, additional speakers can be wirelessly linked for over-the-top living room enjoyment or multi-room use. Via Follow Me voice control with directional sound capability SPACE can actively track interactions and deliver discrete audio to the user independent of the other listeners. Built-in LEDs reference where the speaker is tracking. For privacy, the microphone can be muted.

AI Voice Service is the total end-to-end voice control solution from Alibaba Cloud, connecting end devices such as: home electronics, treadmills, smart home control interfaces, home automation services, personal assistants, and even automobiles to comprehensive Alibaba cloud services and content. By leveraging an open IOT Smart Home platform with AI Voice Service, integrators benefit from abbreviated development timelines and reduced costs, as they address emerging consumer needs. Built upon the largest smart home platform in China—Ali Smart life; AI Voice Service also delivers popular entertainment including: audio programs, FM broadcasts, and children’s content, in addition to pre-paid phone service and personal shopping assistance with voice recognition.

“With the support of Alibaba Cloud and Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.’s technology, Cleer is bringing an exciting AI voice experience to our customers in China. In addition to an exceptional audio experience with Cleer’s acoustic design expertise and award-winning products, with AI Voice Service added, the customer can now enjoy voice-command convenience and so much more!” said Patrick Huang, CEO of Cleer. “With AI Voice Service– they can stream audio contents from popular Chinese content apps, hear the weather, set timers, listen to news and traffic reports, check orders at Tmall, control smart home devices and other exciting new features to be added soon, – all accessible via cloud updates.”

“We are pleased to support Cleer Inc to help change the way people interact with their environment through voice UI, the Space speaker is designed to combine innovative speaker technology with the powerful capabilities of the cloud connected Alibaba AI Voice Service to open up new services for Chinese customers,” said Anthony Murray, senior vice president and general manager, voice and music, Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. “We’re excited to support Cleer with our Qualcomm Smart Audio Platform, engineered to deliver a highly integrated, cost effective, customizable platform that has helped them reduce the development time of an innovative new product.”