CloudMine announced the release of the CloudMine Connected Health SDK for Xamarin. CloudMine, best known for aiding sensitive industries in building mobile apps that maintain security and compliance, will now integrate their backend API into Xamarin’s native apps, empowering developers to build app front-ends (clients) at rapid speed. The combined Xamarin and CloudMine solution enables organizations to assemble a complete mobility ‘stack,’ end-to-end, for scaling mobile development across departments, teams, and projects in the face of increasing need to deliver apps to align to business and end user (and patient) needs.

The pairing of CloudMine and Xamarin significantly reduces complex development challenges surrounding connected health applications by combining a mobile backend platform that specializes in security, compliance, and high availability – with Xamarin’s toolset for quickly building the front-end engagement layer across all major mobile operating systems. With Xamarin, developers build fully native apps, sharing 90%+ code across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, accelerating time-to-market and streamlining ongoing maintenance and future improvements. By using CloudMine’s Connected Health SDK, developers are able to access the robust services such as CodeRunner, the CloudMine business logic engine, access to health & wearable APIs, and EHR data, while ensuring security & compliance throughout. “This is critical, because common complexities such as interoperability, patient privacy, and data security have created massive barriers to deploying much needed solutions, forcing the need for expensive external resources, and delays in innovation delivery,” says CloudMine’s Founder & CTO, Marc Weil.

As the healthcare IT landscape shifts its focus towards designing improved patient experiences and real-time visibility throughout the continuum of care, the need for mobile apps and connected solutions (IoT) will continue in universities, hospitals, provider networks, pharmaceutical companies, and all healthcare institutions. These organizations are integral to ensuring quality of care and treatment, are increasingly under pressure to deliver innovative and intelligent experiences, while the mobile talent pool continues to dwindle. By coupling CloudMine’s HIPAA-compliant backend and Xamarin’s cross-platform development, quality, and analytics solution – healthcare organizations are able to operationalize existing resources, and benefit from unparalleled speed and efficiency.

“Using CloudMine’s Connected Health SDK, Xamarin developers will be able to tap into an ever-growing world of connected health data,” says Xamarin’s co-founder and head of Developer Relations, Joseph Hill. “Now, our community can more easily build high quality healthcare apps, combining our strength in native cross-platform development with CloudMine’s strengths in handling sensitive patient and medical information.”

Key Capabilities of CloudMine’s Connected Health SDK for Xamarin include:

  • New C# libraries for accessing the CloudMine platform API
  • Compliance framework for building HIPAA-compliant apps
  • Access to healthcare data (EHR and business)
  • Integration to Apple’s ResearchKit
  • Streamlined integration to SMS/text, push notifications, geolocation services, and analytics solutions

The new CloudMine Connected Health SDK is available immediately in the Xamarin Component Store.

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