CloudPlugs Inc. announces that it has opened the doors of its Internet of Things (IoT) end-to-end cloud service platform to enable individuals, product manufacturers, service providers and businesses of all sizes to easily connect one or one million devices.

The CloudPlugs IoT service platform is built on an open highly scalable cloud infrastructure to enable the connection of any type of device. The service includes a rich set of open source libraries tested on the most popular hardware controller platforms. This flexibility allows developers to create prototypes of their Things in their favorite programming language, and then turn those prototypes into production templates for hundreds or thousands of devices that can be provisioned with the click of a button.

The service platform is offered on a PaaS (Platform as a Service) model or for on-premise deployment. The Free Account allows enthusiasts and developers to enjoy the benefits of the full platform at no cost for a limited number of devices. The Business Account allows organizations to prototype, deploy and manage an unlimited number of devices on a flexible pay per use model.

The CloudPlugs engine allows things to communicate with their own protocol with other Things. An MQTT connected product can communicate with a WebSockets or HTTP connected product and vice versa. The CloudPlugs MODBUS Thing gateway allows the legacy 1 Billion MODBUS devices to connect to the cloud. The CloudPlugs SCADA MODBUS gateway allows transparent communication with SCADA systems and enables SCADA systems to receive data and transmit commands not only to MODBUS devices but to new generation smart things.

“No other IoT platform offers the flexibility, power, feature set and stability of the CloudPlugs service,” said Jimmy Garcia-Meza, CloudPlugs’ Co-Founder and CEO. “Organizations want to lower costs and standardize the deployment, management and maintenance of key hardware and software components, and they also want to be able to implement end-to-end (device to business system) digital supply chains to increase revenues and reduce inefficiencies. The CloudPlugs service allows businesses to meet both needs while providing the capability of integration of legacy devices and legacy control applications.”

In addition to the software libraries and pre-qualified hardware platforms, several tutorials are available to enable users to quickly become familiar with the capabilities of the platform. A full blown knowledge base is available with detailed documentation to enable developers, service providers and manufacturers to easily create and deploy their Things. User forums and community features enable the exchange of ideas and fast access to the support organization 7 days a week.

The CloudPlugs Partner Program is structured to allow systems integrators, resellers and service providers to offer vertical and horizontal solutions for all industries.

CloudPlugs Inc., based in Reston, Virginia and with offices in Rome, Italy was founded by a team who is re-inventing how individuals and businesses communicate with and manage their “Things” by creating better user experiences, by driving efficiency and environmental sustainability, and by lowering operational costs.