CLX Networks, the leading enterprise cloud communications enabler, expands its service portfolio with Mobile Data. CLX data service enables enterprises intelligent mobile data connectivity globally for IoT and M2M services.

CLX has established itself as the global leader in cloud-based mobile messaging for enterprises, managing business critical messaging communication for enterprises all over the world. Last year the company added high-quality voice reception and termination to its service portfolio. CLX is now leveraging its existing relationships with over 100 leading mobile network operator partners globally to enable enterprises intelligent and agile mobile data connectivity for IoT applications.

Analysts predict that growth in IoT will far exceed that of other connected devices. Network connectivity is fundamental for IoT services and many IoT devices will be connected using short-range wireless communications such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or ZigBee. However outside of Wi-Fi reach Mobile Data connectivity is the alternative of choice. CLX Mobile Data service enables enterprises optimized data connectivity to mobile networks.

“Launching mobile data as a service is significant, CLX now enables enterprises global connectivity over all thee major mobile communication channels: messaging, voice and data,” said Johan Hedberg, CEO of CLX Networks. He continues, “We have successfully built our global communication network that enables enterprises to connect customers and employees. We look forward connecting their things as well.”

About CLX Networks

CLX is the leading enabler of Enterprise Cloud Communications. The company was recently awarded fastest revenue grower of the year. With its cloud-based APIs and an unparalleled lineup of mobile operator relationships globally, CLX enables enterprises direct and efficient mobile access. CLX customers are able to communicate with mobile customers, employees and things globally. Benefits for enterprises include efficient communications, reduced costs, optimized processes, improved security and strengthened customer relationships.