Cogobuy Group, the largest e-commerce platform serving the electronics manufacturing industry in China, is pleased to announce it has entered an agreement with ROHM Semiconductor, a US$5.2 billionglobal semiconductor and electronic parts manufacturer based in Kyoto, Japan. Cogobuy has also hired ROHM former chief advisor, Hideki Takasu, as technical advisor of INGDAN’s Japan subsidiary. Through the agreement, Cogobuy and ROHM will cooperate in sensor technologies, and jointly utilize the most advanced production lines for semiconductors and IC components.

In addition to its existing high-quality products, ROHM is actively developing various new sensor technologies, including systems integrator (SI) technology, biotech, optical technology, and MEMS technology. Through the new agreement, Cogobuy and INGDAN will provide intelligent hardware companies registered on the platforms with enhanced support from the addition of ROHM’s advanced technologies.

Mr. Jeffrey Kang, CEO of Cogobuy Group, said: “In the past two years, the number of IoT projects on our platform has swelled to over 13,000. By joining forces with ROHM and continuing to lever our expertise and resources in Chinese manufacturing, we are better able to serve technology companies around the world. Sensors and chips are key components of the new generation of intelligent hardware products, and our cooperation with ROHM will further strengthen Cogobuy and INGDAN’s capabilities and offerings.”

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