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How iot technology transforming healthcare?

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    How iot technology and sensors helps to transforming healthcare sector?


    Here are 6 ways the Internet of Things is changing Healthcare

    1. Frictionless monitoring of assets
    IoT devices helps monitor, collect, and transfer the data such as blood sugar level, blood pressure, ECGs etc. This means that the patient or doctor can look at the data no matter the time, place, or device.

    2. Safety and adherence tools
    Safety is the biggest concern. IoT in healthcare delivers inexpensive and cutting-edge tools to monitor everyday activities. Billions of devices and sensors will become part of the IoT life science market, where healthcare will be based on personalized care more than ever.

    3. Quality, compliance, monitoring
    IoT can be implemented to cut costs, increase patient safety, better data recording, more reliable monitoring, and for more direct and immediate doctor-patient calls. This means huge benefits for high-quality patient care while using the real-time data and regular updates of patient’s record.

    4. Closed loop diagnosis for treatment
    A patient has a possibility of immediate communication with the doctor no matter the place or time, because of the real-time data in the patient’s register. This will lead to better diagnosis and ailments, with up-to-date information, and drugs distribution based on the patient’s prescription.

    5. Real world data and environments
    IoT devices do not just collect and report, but also analyze the raw data, with the possibility of final reports being with visualization such as graphs. This means vital information are up-to-date and speed up the decision making process whilst minimizing error possibilities. Wearable sensors/devices mean constant valuable monitoring on vitals.

    6. Digital biomarkers to capture disease symptoms
    Alerts are critical factor in life-threatening circumstances, transferring the vital data to doctors who can capture real-time symptoms, giving the doctor enough information to give the best diagnosis ever for the health problems becomes possible.


    Here are five main benefits IoT brings into the healthcare industry: health monitoring, better patient experience, drug management, healthcare automation, and preventive healthcare. Check this article by Cleveroad to learn more.


    IoT for Hospitals – In addition to patient health monitoring, hospitals may use IoT devices in a wide range of additional applications. The real-time position of medical equipment like wheelchairs, defibrillators, nebulizers, oxygen pumps, and other monitoring equipment is tracked using IoT devices tagged with sensors.

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