Smart Living
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Comptel Corporation  and Heavy Reading published a white paper that addresses the unique opportunity for telecom operators presented by the influence of IoT, smart cities and smart living on evolving digital lifestyles. The paper offers a blueprint for how operators can leverage intelligent fast data and real-time analytics to enable smart living as part of a broad IoT service strategy, with findings supported by Heavy Reading’s global survey of communications service providers (CSPs).

As the megatrend of urbanisation accelerates, telcos have a significant opportunity to improve urban dwellers’ digital experiences by anticipating customer needs and delivering in-the-moment digital services by tapping into their wealth of data.

Critical to telcos’ central role will be their ability to collect, aggregate and analyse the data intelligence from various silos, and act on findings fast enough to support service delivery expectations. Heavy Reading found that CSPs are already in agreement, with 70 per cent of those surveyed believing that the analysis of data in real-time is very important or critical.

“Telcos not only bring the technical and network capabilities required for the development of smart cities, but they stand to play an even more important role in smart living with the insight they have into how consumers behave,” said Steve Bell, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading.

“If operators are to thrive in Nexterday, they need to become holistic partners in consumers’ digital lives, as well as cooperating with city governments and industry partners,” said Veli-Pekka Luoma, Director of Advanced Analytics for IoT, Comptel. “This is where real-time data analytics and decision-making can play a powerful role. Comptel helps telcos make sense of the vast amount of data available, turning it into valuable digital assets that can power better decisions and actions.”

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