comScore Connected Home isthe first syndicated service to be based on comScore’s proprietary Total Home Panel – a breakthrough research platform that measures consumer behavior across home network-connected devices. Connected Home delivers insight into usage of products including computers, mobile phones, tablets, streaming sticks, smart TVs, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and more.

“There are more screens and other connected devices in homes than ever before, yet there have been major gaps in understanding how consumers interact with this technology,” said Dan Hess, executive vice president of products at comScore. “Whether our clients seek to understand new dynamics of media consumption such as over-the-top delivery, gaming and other entertainment options, or IoT adoption, this new service is a major step forward in enabling removing these blind spots.”

Connected Home provides detailed information on several product categories. While computing and media consumption devices are the most widely used in the home today, this new service also accounts for an array of new and emerging smart home devices. Below are examples of the most prevalent devices that Connected Home measures today:

  • Computers: Desktop and laptop including Windows, Mac and other operating systems
  • Mobile Devices: Smartphone and tablet including iOS and Android
  • Gaming Consoles: Xbox, PlayStation, Wii
  • Living Room Devices: Smart TVs, streaming boxes & sticks, and Blu-ray players
  • Smart Home/IoT Devices – A/V systems, thermostats, home security, appliances, and more

Subscribers to comScore Connected Home receive key measures including device penetration, usage frequency, engagement time, household demographics, OEM and OS market share, and cross-device activity patterns to gain unique insight into how these products are used in the home today. Clients access these metrics through an intuitive web-based user interface with flexible reporting capabilities.

The foundation of Connected Home is comScore’s Total Home Panel, a true single-source research platform designed to measure the realities of cross-platform media consumption today. Since beginning to scale the Total Home Panel in early 2016, comScore has grown this unique asset to measure activity across a nationally distributed sample of more than 12,500 households with more than 147,000 active devices per month and 62,000 active devices per day.

comScore Connected Home is available now. Clients interested in subscribing to the service should contact their comScore account representative.

Media Device Usage in the Connected Home

Among all media devices in U.S. connected homes, laptop and desktop computers had the highest penetration at 90 percent, followed closely by mobile phones at 88 percent. Media devices capable of delivering over-the-top media content, including streaming boxes & sticks (36 percent), gaming consoles (31 percent) and smart TVs (28 percent), also now feature prominently in the connected home.

*A handheld device is defined as a device with data connectivity, no voice plan, and a screen size of less than 7 inches. Examples of handheld devices include the iPod Touch and MP3 players

Apple owned the largest media device market share in January at 24.1 percent, due to its sizeable footprint in the computer (Mac), smartphone (iPhone), tablet (iPad) and streaming box (Apple TV) markets. Microsoft ranked a very close #2 at 22.2 percent, while Samsung (13.0 percent), Amazon (6.8 percent) and LG (4.1 percent) rounded out the top five.