Condeco Software, the global market leader in office utilization and workplace scheduling solutions, today celebrates the first birthday of Condeco Sense, its big data-driven sensor for workspace optimization. Condeco Sense is a unique wireless sensor that continually and accurately measures how workspace is used over time, empowering businesses with data to make better decisions about how workspace is used.

Over a year after the launch of Condeco Sense, the results are undeniable: the smart office is here to stay. Here’s proof:

  • Condeco Sense has set up over 75 studies, deploying thousands of sensors in 13 different countries around the world.
  • Over the course of those studies, it has identified over 600,000 square feet of wasted office space, which means a potential $198,000,000 in real estate savings for businesses globally.
  • An extraordinary amount of data has been absorbed in the last year. A single Condeco Sense study with 1,000 sensors produces 22 million lines of data in one month – affirming that the smart office is data-driven.

“The smart office is set to transform the way employees experience the workplace and how businesses maximize their potential,” said Martin Brooker, CEO of Condeco. “Condeco Software is looking forward to many more years of helping businesses make the best data-driven decisions and make every square foot count.”

A champion of a data-informed approach to the workplace, Condeco Sense brings the Internet of Things (IoT) to the office as it collects motion and heat data, and uses a complex algorithm to identify actual usage of a given space. It then supplies a real-time analysis of that data in a continuously updated, user-friendly dashboard in the cloud.

This approach allows businesses to make decisions anchored in real-time data about how space should be used. Businesses can identify accurate usage by building, floor or team, and gain insight into how teams work and the type of desks and space required. This information makes it possible for leaders to re-assign underutilized space and maximize real estate savings – all while building the most productive workspace for employees.

About Condeco

Condeco develops and delivers workplace management solutions that improve the way people work and how organizations operate across the globe. Through our workplace scheduling and office utilization software and hardware, companies are maximizing the use of their office space, from ensuring high pressure meetings and flexible work areas run smoothly, to providing essential real-time data on workspace usage for future planning. That’s why global Fortune 500 companies like Chevron, Barclays, and GE, are implementing our solutions worldwide.