What is the importance of technology in the construction industry? With Constructech magazine’s annual Technology Day, attendees can participate in the one-day conference on Friday, October 3 at the Sofitel San Francisco to discover new strategies for how to make best use of data to increase profits.

In today’s construction industry, there are several challenges that contractors and builders face within the competitive market. Technology is especially helpful in the construction market because it provides mass amounts of data that lead to several new opportunities. Construction professionals can use this data to gain valuable insight about a job.

To understand how to best use the data to increase their profits, construction professionals, as well as students and professors, can unveil new strategies at Technology Day, where the main focus this year will be turning tech data into profits for construction. Highlights for attendees will include learning about data in the lifecycle, what’s beyond the IoT (Internet of Things), the importance of collaboration, as well as other additional topics. Technology Day 2014 also features a special session on women in construction.

“Tech Day 2014 is an amazing opportunity for construction professionals to come and listen to peers speak, take notes on new innovative solutions, and brainstorm on new strategies for future implementations,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Constructech magazine and president of Specialty Publishing Co. “In today’s construction world, new technology is emerging and changing our market forever. Rather than sitting back and watching as these changes occur, our event gives GCs, contractors, owners, and builders a chance to embrace the changes and learn how to efficiently tailor the technology for their needs.”

Technology Day provides opportunities to network with professionals within the same industry. At this year’s Technology Day, speakers from different construction-related companies will be in attendance to discuss the usage of technology within the construction-technology marketplace. Speakers will interact with peers from the industry during panel discussions where they can share success stories.

In efforts to manage a business as effectively as possible, it is important to develop a competitive advantage over similar businesses in the industry. High performance businesses are constantly seeking out new ways to improve their customer relations and implement new strategies and technologies. Technology Day 2014 is the ultimate opportunity for businesses to experience and learn about evolution within the construction industry.

To read further details and register for the event, please visit the Constructech Technology Day Website.

About Constructech Technology Day 
Constructech Technology Day is a one-day conference that dives into discussions on the use of technology in the construction industry. The conference is open to a wide variety of attendees from project managers, CEOs, students, CTOs, IT directors, professors, and more. Technology Day provides attendees with the opportunity to identify ways to effectively use technology to be most efficient in the office and at the jobsite.