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IoT Consulting – Internet of Things

Looking for trusted, knowledgable and top-tier Internet of Things (IoT) consultants? Experts in strategy, design, architecture and implementation of your IoT vision? Need some IoT Advice? With a pool of consultants throughout the world, our consulting group that can help your enterprise with:
  • Strategic planning
  • Roadmap
  • Architecture
  • Specifications
  • Design
  • UI: Responsive Web and Mobile Applications Development
  • Logic
  • Security
  • Messaging
  • Connectivity (wireless or wired) selection
  • Integrations
  • Storage (Big Data)
  • Analytics
  • Project Management
Continuous access to remote devices data may bring significant impact to companies business processes, generating new revenue opportunities, cost rationalization and increase on quality of service. Our IoT consultants can help your company not only wih the choice of the most appropriate solutions for your business, but also on the identification of the actual gain on each implementation, through a detailed ROI (Return on Investment) calculation. We have the experience to extract a greater value from your investment.

Energy Monitoring, Tracking Devices, Sensors & Smart Meters

· Solar Farm Power Generation Monitor with Predictive Analytics and Remote Controllers · Seismic Sensors For Earthquake Detection · Home Monitoring Gateway with Mobile Surveillance · Vehicle Tracking System with detailed reports on Route & Speed · Digital Fuel Sensors for Automotive · Health Monitoring Smart Meters IoT - Internet of Things Consulting

Wearables Consulting

· Neurostimulation Wearable Device Prototyping in Neuro-Psychiatric Clinical Trial Analysis · Bluetooth enabled Hybrid Smart Watch with Touch Sensors, 3 Axis Accelerometer & Gesture Detection · Intuitive Smart Band with Health Monitoring Sensors and Mobile connectivity via Bluetooth

Home Monitoring, Security & Life Style Solutions (Product-as-a-Service Development)

· Cloud Based Connected Home Monitoring System with Web/Mobile Accessibility & Smart Analytics · Smart Tracker to track Personal Concierge · Hybrid Platform for Internet of Everything (IoE) with Mobility Support on iOS, Android & Windows

Connected Mobility, Unified Messaging Consulting

· GPS Navigation System with Tracking & Analytics Application for Android & iOS · Product as a Services (PaaS) in Unified Social Messaging · Automated Inbound/Outbound Calling & Conference System

Bluetooth & WiFi enabled low power products using Zigbee PRO & Zeewave for M2M

· Low power Bluetooth & WiFi Beacons · Ultra Low Power Smart Meters · WiFi Multi Radio IoT Gateway · Cross Platform Library for Connected Devices

Board Designing, Firmware & Device Drivers Engineering

· Automotive Data Acquisition System including Schematic Design, PCB Layout & Prototyping · Board Design, PCB Fabrication + Assembly & Prototyping of an Industrial Gas Meter including Firmware development · Firmware & Device Drivers Development for Biometrics Access Control System with WiFi & PoE

Cloud Platforms & Big Data Solutions

· Cloud Server Design & Development to connect WiFi enabled Devices for Access via Web/Mobile applications · Cloud based Educational Platform with NoSQL database · Social Monitoring System using Big Data for a Retail chain to analyze User Behavior & Preferences · Cloud Based File Sharing System (BYOD & MDM)

Product Validation & Testing

· Validation & SQA of a Comprehensive IoT Platform · Silicon Validation for a Mobile SoC · Black Box, White Box & Capacity Testing for a GSM & VOIP Network Convergence Mobile Client · Live Testing & QA for an Outdoor Wireless Mesh Network Our IoT Research and Development (R&D) team is based in Bucuresti, Romania.

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