LoRa IoT
Photo source: www.BusinessWire.com

Contela, a leading mobile network solution provider, announced that the company has completed the deployment of the nationwide LoRa network in affiliation with SK Telecom. In this deployment, Contela provides LoRa Gateways and LoRa Network Servers to SK Telecom.to

Using ISM band (900 Mhz), SK Telecom has completed the rollout of its nationwide LoRa IoT network in the end of June 2016, and launched the commercial IoT services based on the LoRa network in July 4, 2016.

SK Telecom (NYSE:SKM) plans to focus on developing diverse IoT services in the areas of automatic metering, location positioning, and remote monitoring to fully leverage the strength of its nationwide LoRa network.

“With the early deployment of a nationwide IoT network, SK Telecom will be able to maintain its position as a pioneer in the field of telecommunications,” said Lee Jong-bong, executive vice president and head of infra division at SK Telecom.

SK Telecom and Contela work closely to deliver new value and convenience to both individual and enterprise customers over the IoT network.

“Contela is pleased to supply end-to-end solutions to SK Telecom. With the commercial experience from the nationwide LoRa network of SK Telecom and the advantage of End-to-End portfolio, Contela will continue to satisfy the customer needs domestically and globally.” said Dr. Sun Park, the CEO of Contela.

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