Convey Services recently introduced the IoT Channel Accelerator program, an online resource portal focused on delivering ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) solutions and education to channel partners in the telecommunications and cloud market. Developed in conjunction with the IoT Advisor Group of Jacksonville, Florida, IoT Channel Accelerator helps agents and sales partners learn about IoT opportunities, explore end-to-end solutions and gain access to providers that offer services to help their clients manage mobile assets, increase operational efficiencies, reduce cost and improve the overall customer experience.

“The Internet of Things, or IoT, represents the next big revenue opportunity for the channel, much in the same way that cloud services did just 4 years ago,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Convey, the technology platform behind IoT Channel Accelerator. “IoT is changing the way businesses compete. By tracking assets, fleets, and people, we gain valuable insight and actionable data to improve operations, drive down costs and enable innovative business capabilities. IoT solutions represent lucrative ways to generate new revenue from an existing customer base of channel partners.”

“The Telecom/Cloud Channel has evolved from providing connectivity, hosted solutions and cloud-based phone systems, to being a conduit for delivering next generation solutions into a marketplace that is constantly innovating,” said industry veteran Jack Knocke of the IoT Advisor group. “The IoT for Partners portal ( delivers vendors and systems integrators that are channel appropriate, with solutions that apply across the industries that our partners already sell into. It showcases end-to-end solutions, versus offering components that would require customization or special engineering. IoT Channel Accelerator improves time-to-value for not only the sales agent, but for suppliers and vendors.”

The Channel Accelerator educates sales agents and partners on the primary vertical markets for IoT solutions, showing how businesses are benefitting and the ROI from implementing IoT applications. IoT Channel Accelerator is building a portfolio of select suppliers who are committed to serving the channel. Current providers include smart building and lighting solutions, fleet management and tracking, retail applications, healthcare patient monitoring, employee safety and manufacturing. The Portal can enable sales partners to deliver pre-packaged promotional IoT email marketing campaigns from the site, directly to their clients to generate interest and maximize sales leads.