Brain Scientific Inc. is promoting the use of sanitary medical practice with their NeuroCap, a single-use disposable EEG headset.

A recent report from three COVID-19-designated hospitals in Wuhan, China indicated that more than one-third of coronavirus patients had some type of neurologic symptom, including altered consciousness, evidence of skeletal muscle damage, and acute cerebrovascular disease (access report here). Early data implies that COVID-19, like prior coronavirus breakouts MERS and SARS, is demonstrating a neurologic component in severe cases.

Neurologists and other medical practitioners are urged to follow sanitary techniques to avoid spreading COVID-19 through cross-contamination.

“During this hazardous time, neurologists need to be vigilant for the possible impact of coronavirus on their patients,” stated Irina Nazarova, Marketing Director of Brain Scientific. “We believe our NeuroCap promotes the use of good, sanitary medical practice and can help flatten the Covid-19 curve.”

NeuroCap™ is an FDA cleared disposable EEG headset with 22 electrodes and 19 active EEG channels. Its one-use life span minimizes cross-contamination and optimizes sanitary practice. The diagnostic tool can be administered by clinical staff of any level, and it can be used in healthcare facilities or outpatient settings. NeuroCap is currently being manufactured and shipped to medical centers across the United States. For more information, please visit