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Covisint Corporation announced that the Sogeti IoT development team using Covisint’s IoT Platform placed second among 17 competing teams at the 2016 Sogeti IoT Hackathon.  The competing teams were allowed to build an IoT application on their choice of platforms, including Covisint, IBM Bluemix, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Amazon IoT and HP IoT.  Winners were announced Friday, November 11, 2016 at Sogeti’s Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco.

The team using the Covisint IoT Platform built a RFID-based Smart Baggage Tracking solution as a proto-type for the world’s largest airline to address the problems associated with lost or misplaced baggage.  This solution provides real-time visibility and continuous tracking of baggage, while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

“We are thrilled that our IoT Platform enabled one of the winning Sogeti teams to quickly and effortlessly compose an awesome solution for smart transportation,” said Binu Panicker, Vice President, Engineering, Covisint.  “We are equally thrilled to have won against some of the biggest names in IoT platforms and this achievement validates the Fall 2015 release of our IoT Platform aimed at making it fast and simple to develop business-critical IoT solutions.”

The Sogeti team having used the IBM, Amazon and Azure platforms previously, used the Covisint IoT Platform based on the ease to securely connect people, systems and things.  Highlights of the Sogeti team’s feedback included:

  • “We thought we have to code a lot and to our surprise we did not have to, compared to other platforms – and this is simply an awesome platform.”
  • “The simple and easy to use UI made our life much simpler and could build the solution faster.”
  • “The platform provided everything we were looking for and we never got stuck anywhere.  The Covisint team was amazing in providing the required help whenever needed.”
  • “Very user friendly and straight forward and the learning curve was much simpler than other platforms.”

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