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Covisint Corporation announced it will showcase the Covisint Cloud Platform at TU-Automotive Detroit 2016 on June 8-9, 2016.  Covisint is the leading Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for building identity-centric and IoT applications.  These applications empower automotive manufacturers to build innovative solutions rapidly, transforming the ownership experience.  Serving the automotive industry for more than 15 years, Covisint is uniquely positioned to connect the rapidly growing number of people, systems and Internet-enabled devices in the automotive ecosystem.

In today’s connected world, automotive manufacturers are challenged with managing the increasingly complex connected vehicle, owner and dealer ecosystems.  These ecosystems continue to grow and evolve, as consumers become the center of this environment, requiring new personalized experiences from purchasing to driving and dealer services.

Technology companies are merging with the automotive industry, presenting car companies the added challenge of retaining customer relationships.  In order to keep up with the pace of innovation, automotive manufacturers need to share information in a secure, scalable way.  This is critical to delivering new services to engage customers throughout the entire ownership lifecycle.  Engaging with customers post-sale is vital to automakers as they seek to build applications that extend the value of the vehicle, strengthen brand affinity and increase customer lifetime value.

“Covisint’s robust, versatile platform allows Hyundai to provide an engaging connected experience to our customers.  It allows us to quickly react to marketplace conditions and the ever-changing needs of the consumer,” said Barry Ratzlaff, executive director, customer connect and service business development, Hyundai Motor America.  “Our partnership with Covisint allows Hyundai to lead the automotive industry with existing and new connected vehicle features.  With Covisint’s Platform in place, we are able to add features quickly to meet the consumer’s ever changing high-tech needs, such as we did when integrating the smart phone and smart watch into the Blue Link system.”

Covisint Provides a Platform to Build Mission Critical Automotive Applications
The Covisint Cloud Platform increases the speed of development, making it possible for automotive manufacturers to innovate quickly.  Covisint’s foundational technologies make it possible for automakers to centrally manage customer personas (identities) and relationships across all connected entities.  In addition, Covisint’s technologies secure the information transported across an ecosystem, enabling connected vehicle, customer experience and dealer intelligent initiatives.

“As one of the early pioneers in the cloud and IoT, Covisint has long been at the forefront of connecting the larger automotive ecosystem and enabling interactive consumer experiences for vehicle owners,” said Tim Evavold, director, automotive, Covisint.  “As newer technologies come online and the IoT ecosystem evolves, the automotive industry is poised for great change – and the Covisint Cloud Platform is a key enabler for this change.”

Hyundai Ioniq EV at TU-Automotive 2016
Hyundai’s newest vehicle, Ioniq EV will be on display at the Covisint exhibit (C73) at TU-Automotive Detroit 2016.  The Ioniq eco-focused vehicle is the first in the world to offer three distinct electrified powertrains on a single, dedicated vehicle platform.  Hyundai’s approach for the Ioniq line delivers an uncompromising design and driving experience coupled with the latest in safety and convenience technologies, making it an appealing choice for a wide range of buyers.

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