The popular CPS Energy Cool Energy Program for window air conditioners (AC) has expanded its offerings for qualified residential customers in the San Antonio area with more ways to stay cool and save money on your electricity bill this summer. The Cool Energy Program provides its members with a free product that gives users more ways to remotely control their window air conditioners from a smart phone or browser.

The Cool Energy Program uses ThinkEco’s award-winning technology platform to control both ThinkEco’s own smartAC kit and participating Wi-Fi enabled window air conditioners. It’s easy to set up a smartAC kit or your Wi-Fi AC.  In a matter of minutes, you can control your AC remotely and set on/off schedules. By wirelessly hooking up your existing window AC to the modlet, you can control your AC and room temperature from your phone or any browser. If you have multiple ACs, you can network them under a single account using the smartAC kit. CPS Energy customers who joined the program last year can re-enroll and reconnect to enjoy the benefits and a $30 rebate for participating.

“With the Cool Energy Program, you can return from work or a day out to a cool home even if you turn your AC off when you leave. By having the ability to remotely keep track of your room temperatures, you can turn your AC on if it gets too warm in the house.  Your pets will be happy too and so will you with lower energy bills,” saidRicardo Luna, Manager, Product & Portfolio Development at CPS Energy.

Turn Your Existing Window AC into a Smart, Energy Saving Appliance

  • Receive up to three smartAC kits for free.
  • Participate in Energy Conservation Events that dial-back your AC use when the electricity grid is under stress.
  • Receive a rebate of $30 off of your summer electric bill.
  • If you want more than three smartAC kits, you can purchase additional kits for $70 each.

Use a Friedrich Kuhl AC or Frigidaire Cool-Connect

  • If you own or plan to buy a Friedrich Kühl air conditioner and FriedrichLink Wi-Fi Adapter, or a Frigidaire Cool-Connect AC that has embedded Wi-Fi connectivity, you can sign up for the Cool Energy Program.
  • Participate in Energy Conservation Events.
  • Save up to $80: Enroll your AC in the Cool Energy Program and earn $50, participate to receive a reward of $30 off of your summer electric bill.

There are 1.2 million households using window ACs in Texas. CPS Energy is committed to providing energy efficiency measures to people in communities where window ACs are more common and is holding community events throughout the summer to support the Cool Energy Program. By enrolling now, you’ll join the Cool Energy Program community to help relieve stress on the electric grid on days when citywide usage is particularly high. On these days, the program will have Conservation Events, where your window ACs will turn on and off periodically or run at a slightly higher thermostat setting to reduce the power used.

Most participants don’t notice a change, but you can always opt out if you feel uncomfortable. Conservation Events typically occur during the afternoon and last for a few hours each. By lowering demand during peak times, program participants help utilities manage their resources better, which will improve the way electricity is delivered and used. This makes our grid cleaner, safer, and more reliable and efficient for all customers. You will be rewarded for your participation with a $30 rebate on your electricity bill.

For those who need help connecting or reconnecting their smartAC kits,  the ThinkEco Green Install Squad is available to assist.