Routing Platforms
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Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-based network solutions for connecting people, places, and things over wired and wireless broadband, has announced the addition of LTE Advanced routing platforms for branch offices, pop-up stores, construction sites and more. As mobile operators are introducing LTE Advanced technology into their networks to increase bandwidth, speed and coverage, Cradlepoint is the first to empower businesses to leverage these capabilities with enterprise-grade Category 6 wireless WAN solutions.

Cradlepoint offers 4G LTE-A overlay failover solutions to keep businesses up and running when the wired WAN connections fails, and dual-modem routing solutions to enable remote branch offices to primary connect via 4G LTE-A and completely “cut the wire.” Cradlepoint sets the standard for connecting enterprise networks with LTE to more easily and reliably complement, augment, and extend their existing primary networks.

“LTE Advanced is an important step forward for enterprises that require flexible untethered last-mile access. The addition of carrier aggregation boosts the amount of bandwidth available to critical applications deployed in locations that require wireless access,” said Ken Rehbehn, principal analyst, mobile infrastructure at 451 Research. “For enterprises requiring agile and effective connections to supplement wired network access or tackle coverage in areas lacking wired access, LTE Advanced provides an industrial-grade wireless access alternative that delivers benefits of high-speed, ubiquity, and scale. With the growth of remote cloud access, IoT, and increasingly mobile employees, LTE Advanced becomes fundamental for the new connected organisation.”

“Connectivity demands continue to rise across the enterprise, from mobile workers securely connecting at the local coffee shop, to enabling redundant, secure, tablet-based POS networks in company retail locations. LTE is the connectivity choice for many enterprises to support these data-rich applications because it is reliable, flexible, and easy to manage,” said Ian Pennell, CMO at Cradlepoint. “Cradlepoint helps enterprises cut wires and unleash new opportunities because we are connecting people, places, and things that traditional wired networks cannot. LTE Advanced is the next stage in our ability to support sophisticated networks at the edge, and make constant connectivity easy.”

Cradlepoint’s LTE-A modems will be integrated in Cradlepoint’s AER series of edge routing platforms and ARC series of failover and Out-of-Band Management solutions. These advanced routing platforms, in concert with new firmware and Cradlepoint NetCloud capabilities, enhance Cradlepoint’s solutions for enterprise edge networks like retail, food and beverage, and branch office verticals — as well as specialty networks such as store-within-a-store, Parallel Networks, and transportation.

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