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Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-based network solutions for connecting people, places, and things over wired and wireless broadband, announced that it is helping Fuzzy’s Taco Shop ensure secure, reliable connectivity for its fast-growing chain of restaurants. In 2016 alone, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is projecting to open 42 new locations across the U.S.—that is nearly 50% growth from 2015. Cradlepoint’s Advanced Edge Routers (AER) with Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) enables Fuzzy’s Taco Shop to securely manage each store’s Point-of-Sale (PoS) transactions, digital signage, VoIP and customer WiFi from one centralized location for both the corporate and franchise locations. With Cradlepoint deployed, the restaurant chain is able to offer 99.99% uptime for the first time to over 100 locations spread over 11 states, drastically reduce financial risk of fraudulent andt declined credit card transactions, and ensure customer service remain fast, secure, and efficient.

For many enterprises, high availability and security is crucial to ensuring both business and customer data remains safe and daily operations remain efficient. Many businesses are finding that wired connections are not robust enough to support the data services they need to run internal and customer-facing services and applications. Moreover, many rural locations do not have access to a reliable wired service provider. Cradlepoint helps Fuzzy’s Taco Shop overcome these challenges with LTE solutions that are being leveraged for primary connectivity. Every business can leverage LTE—whether it is for primary connectivity, failover or an application-specific connection to provide the level of connectivity required to run the data-centric business applications. For Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, this means they are able to keep every location securely connected no matter if the store is located in a quiet rural neighborhood or on a busy city street.

“Being able to manage uptime and security across the entire network from a centralized location is vital for the growth that we are seeing. Before, when a store lost connectivity, it led to wasted time, lost money, security risks, and a lot of frustration,” said Briton Smetzer, director of IT operations, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. “Cradlepoint lets us have one less thing on our plate to worry about. We’re able to easily manage all of our network traffic and quickly push our firewall policies to each of our locations. That is a huge value to us.”

“Network downtime can be devastating to any business, especially for retailers and restaurants where success is dependent on quick customer turnovers and transactions. Cradlepoint is dedicated to helping these businesses, like Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, ensure every location stays connected, data remains secure, and customers remain happy,” said Ian Pennell, CMO, Cradlepoint. “Cradlepoint will continue to streamline enterprises’ ability to leverage LTE to ensure their people, places, and things are securely connected and the business can drive forward uninterrupted.”

To learn more about how Cradlepoint is enabling Fuzzy’s Taco Shop to leverage LTE for multiple applications across its network, download the case study here: