The Lava ION, a wireless app-controlled SmartLamp, was launched on Kickstarter April 1.  The original funding goal of $20,000 was exceeded within 3 days.  Since its launch, supporters of ION have pledged over $25,000.  The funding campaign is running from April 1 until May 1.

“ION is a mood light for the 21st century,” says Billy Lindeman – CEO and founder.  “ION features wireless app control, a touch sensitive body, and a microphone for music detection.  It is the most advanced mood lamp in the world.”

At 12″ in height, ION is the perfect desk or nightstand companion.  Its anodized aluminum and durable acrylic body evokes a sleek industrial feel.

ION is outfitted with 40 multi-color LEDs, enabling it to display intricate animations – called “moods.”  Users can customize different features of the animations through the mobile phone application.  It also features music enabled moods that respond to sounds picked up from the microphone as well as the ability to display notifications from your smartphone or tablet.

“ION responds to just about any notification or alert that may happen on your smartphone.  Text Messages, SMS, Facebook, you name it.”

“Other smart lighting products such as Phillips Hue and Lifx have focused on replacing light bulbs, but we’re focusing on building a fully integrated light show for your living room or desk,” says Lindeman.

ION is available on Kickstarter for $199 until May 1.

Lava is an Internet Of Things (IoT) company focused on building wireless experiences.  It was founded by Billy Lindeman and Eric Barch in 2012 while attending Kettering University.  Lava specializes in Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and app enabled physical products.