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Connected World Services, and Zonoff, Inc. announced a partnership to offer an innovative IoT-enabled home management and services platform to companies throughout Europe. Zonoff’s leading Consumer IoT technology combined with Connected World Services’ (CWS) honeyBee platform creates a smart end-to-end platform that companies can use to provide consumers with technology support within their homes.

In the combined offering, Zonoff’s protocol-agnostic consumer IoT technology can monitor the condition of various devices and sensors in the home and send status alerts directly into Connected World Services’ honeyBee platform. The honeyBee platform can then diagnose the situation, provide appropriate self-help responses and, if required, allow branded or white-labelled service providers to manage every aspect of professional response to a final resolution.

The technology has been engineered to operate as a single, white label B2B platform which can be applied across a range of sectors including utilities, insurance, retail, healthcare and financial services. In the event of a water leak, for instance, the Zonoff platform would detect water on behalf of a home owner and signal the honeyBee platform to determine if a service provider should be dispatched to a customer site. It also engages Dixon Carphone’s Knowhow service to keep both customers and responders coordinated and fully informed of progress.

Commenting on the partnership:

Andrew Harrison, Deputy Chief Executive, Dixons Carphone plc said:

“CWS supports many of its partners using our market-leading infrastructure, repairs capability and technology expertise.”

“Customers of our CWS partners often need help with many technology issues – from Wi-Fi to washing machines. Zonoff’s home control and automation platform will allow them to provide proactive support for all matters of home management concerns.”

Mike Harris, Founder and CEO, Zonoff commented:

“Connected World Services considered a number of Consumer IoT platform partners and valued the proven strength and flexibility of our technology. Our Z1 software offers the most robust lighting, energy, security, monitoring and entertainment integration available and we’re looking forward to working with the CWS team as they build out long-term solutions for their clients and their customers.”

“Zonoff’s platform has proven to be adaptable for many industries and consumer use cases. With Zonoff’s world-class Consumer IoT platform working in tandem with Connected World Services’ honeyBee platform, we are setting a new standard of home management and support. This partnership will ease the burden on companies who need to keep their consumers’ homes and lives running smoothly.”

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