friendly technologies

Friendly Technologies, the unified device management company, announced today the addition of a game changing cyber protection technology to their industry-leading TR-069 device management and IoT management platforms.

Based on innovative Israeli technology, Friendly’s new Cyber Shield module is actively monitoring patterns in devices configuration to detect cyber and DDoS attack before they happen. This proactive prevention takes advantage of Friendly’s expertise in device management to collect data and analyze trends in CPEs and IoT devices and gateways. This allows detecting attack attempts in their early stages, long before hackers succeed in turning masses of managed devices into an “army of botnets”.

Friendly’s solution along with its advanced IoT and TR-069 device management platforms allows network administrators to take timely preventing actions such as smart mass-reset of groups of suspected devices. It also provides time for forensic analysis and patch-finding, and performing mass firmware updates when needed.

Mr. Ohad Oman, Friendly’s VP of Product Management, stated that “Recently we’ve experience highly-publicized panic caused by global cyber-attacks on IoT and TR-069 devices. Our new cyber defense module grants service providers and IoT managers with the sought-after security solution. Our module is deployed on the server’s end, so it monitors any type of managed device regardless of the intrinsic security level of each individual model.” Friendly’s Cyber Defense solution is available for both its TR-069 device management and IoT Management platform, and is already deployed by some existing customers, including a Tier-1 Telco.

With its best-of-breed approach, Friendly enables service providers to avoid device dependency and manage multiple types of devices on a single platform. Friendly provides support for standard protocols including TR-069, OMA-DM, LWM2M, MQTT and SNMP, in addition to non-standard protocols.