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CyberX, the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for the Industrial IoT (IIoT), announced the launch of its groundbreaking automated Vulnerability Assessment (VA) solution for industrial networks.

Cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure are turning into a major global threat as more and more industrial networks embrace extended connectivity tand IIoT technologies.  These introduce previously unseen threats into OT networks, making today’s operational networks around the world more vulnerable than ever. There is a pressing need to conduct comprehensive vulnerability assessments in industrial networks across all verticals.

CyberX has developed the first fully automated Vulnerability Assessment solution for industrial networks to provide unparalleled, comprehensive insight into operational networks’ security posture, and create a new reality in which industrial organizations can easily maintain enhanced security posture and network resiliency.

With a single click, CyberX’s automated Vulnerability Assessment solution generates a detailed report of the entire network’s infrastructure and potential vulnerabilities, and provides mitigation recommendations that enable industrial entities to prioritize their OT cybersecurity investments.  With its innovative Vulnerability Assessment solution, CyberX empowers security and operations teams to gain a deep understanding of their OT network’s security resilience, and preempt potential attacks that could cripple operations.

CyberX has been successfully providing this revolutionary solution in private beta to a select group of large industrial players. “Our customers have been amazed at the detailed level of insight this solution provides”, says Omer Schneider, CEO and Co-founder of CyberX.  “We have been able to detect and mitigate OT network vulnerabilities, and discover serious security flaws in industrial assets that were completely unknown to the operations and security managers. More importantly, the potential impact these exploits could have had on customers’ production environments is very significant, measured in many thousands or even millions of dollars in potential losses.”

Nir Giller, CTO and Co-founder notes “The fact that this solution can deliver such insights, instantly, with no manual or human interference, is a real game changer. It is substantially faster that any manual risk assessment tool currently available for industrial networks, and is the only automated VA process that can cover an entire operational network without having to be connected to it.” He adds, “As ICS CERT often reminds organizations to perform deep analysis and evaluate the impact of vulnerabilities, our new Vulnerability Assessment solution offers just that, providing deep visibility into the OT network and its security posture, and enabling industrial organizations to always stay one-step ahead, maintaining operational continuity and security.”

The CyberX Vulnerability Assessment report is based on automatic collection from multiple data sources. The report provides a security rating for each device based on its vulnerabilities, and an overall Vulnerability Assessment score for the entire network. In addition, the report includes insights and recommendations to guide the security and operations teams on how to ensure network security and resiliency. The CyberX Vulnerability Assessment solution is available locally or as part of CyberX’s SaaS offering.

For more information, please visit CyberX Vulnerability Assessment.