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Daintree Networks® shared its perspectives and conversations on the Enterprise Internet of Things™ (E-IoT™) in honor of Global Internet of Things (IoT) Day 2015. In the era of smart buildings, the ‘building’ is the enterprise. As a result, smart building control solutions are the core application and foundation for the E-IoT. The networked control solution becomes the platform to connect many devices in the enterprise, such as lighting, thermostats, electrical plugs, etc., to enable significant energy savings, operational efficiencies, safety and productivity, along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Initiated in 2011 by IoT Council, Global IoT Day was developed to encourage everyone from around the world interested in the IoT to engage in important conversations on April 9 about technologies and its tremendous potential for every industry. Observance of this day has grown in scale and scope to match the growing interest in the IoT.

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Danny Yu, Daintree Networks CEO said, “We are happy to support and help further the discussions around the burgeoning IoT space. Daintree Networks leverages true open standards-based connectivity to provide the most pragmatic Smart Building solutions for the IoT in an enterprise. By using open standards, it provides interoperability between devices from different manufacturers and disparate systems, creating headroom for technology evolution, as well as price competition among vendors. As we move forward on our path, we encourage other companies to collaborate and continue the conversations to help pave the way to the IoT.”

About Daintree Networks

Daintree Networks® is a trusted and leading provider of smart building control and operation solutions, the core application for the Enterprise Internet of Things™. Daintree’s ControlScope® is an open standards-driven control, monitoring, and optimization solution for facility, operations, energy, and sustainability professionals. Using advanced wireless mesh networking and software, ControlScope delivers up to 70 percent energy savings, operational efficiencies and up-time as well as occupant comfort, while providing actionable decision-support information through Big Data analytics. Leveraging Daintree’s Enterprise Internet of Things™, or E-IoT™ approach, the solution utilizes sensors to also monitor other conditions, such as air quality, humidity, building security and more that comprise the networked ecosystem of an organization. Daintree Networks is a channel-friendly company with leading strategic and technology partners helping serve its customers globally, with major locations in Silicon Valley, California, and Melbourne, Australia.