Photo source: www.facebook.com/DaintreeNetworks

Daintree Networks, the leader in open networked wireless control, sensing, and Enterprise Internet of Things solutions for smart buildings, and its ecosystem partners are leading the industry by driving open standards embedded wireless connectivity to provide more product choices and lower costs. Together, Daintree Networks and its ecosystem partners are advancing the Enterprise Internet of Things (E-IoT) to create smart buildings.

“Daintree has an easy, streamlined program that enables our product partners to join the ControlScope® ecosystem and deliver standard ZigBee-ready luminaires, LED drivers and other devices quickly to market,” said Peter Atanasovski, Vice President, Product Management, Daintree Networks, Inc. “This includes a clearly defined ZigBee device interface development package for a growing community of supported devices, access to program partners for full-lifecycle development support, and a certification process that ensures interoperability and successful field deployment for our channel partners and end users. By partnering with best-of-breed product and service providers, we can leverage their innovation and drive cost-effective solutions. These partnerships further Daintree Networks’ commitment to provide a wide variety of open wireless networking solutions for commercial, retail, and industrial customers to control and manage lighting and other high-value applications, such as HVAC and plug loads, and enable the E-IoT.”

“We’re the place to start when looking for wireless enterprise lighting solutions with ZigBee-ready LED drivers, stud-mount and linear ballast enclosures as well as ZigBee end-node adaptors that are Daintree ControlScope-certified and ready to deploy. Our Daintree-certified products are helping to drive the Internet of Things for the enterprise,” said Gail Wang, President of Magtech Industries. “With 26 years of experience in switch-mode power supply design and manufacturing, Magtech brings considerable expertise to the LED lighting industry and has quickly become a leader in the LED lighting space.”

Marshall Miles, Vice President, Business Development at Inventronics said, “Our CNV-ZIGB wireless dimming converter for ZigBee lighting-control networks provides maximum flexibility in lighting design and effortless facility expansions without the high installation costs of control wiring. The wireless dimming converter enables one or more Inventronics LED drivers to be controlled by Daintree’s ControlScope network solution. With ControlScope, the interoperability with other ZigBee devices such as switches, dimmers, occupancy and daylight sensors allows us to provide wireless connectivity at the lowest system cost for a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting applications.”

EuControls Corp. is dedicated to the development and manufacture of LED lighting controls, and the newly released Lighting Control Module (LCM) is Daintree compatible and a ZigBee-certified HA product. LCM enables wireless connectivity for LED drivers, or any 0-10V dimming ballast lighting system. “Our team has been working with Daintree Networks for years by participating in and enhancing ControlScope’s interoperable enterprise network solutions, and our LCM works with ControlScope seamlessly,” said Steve Turner, Vice President of Marketing & Sales. EuControls is a member of the ZigBee Alliance and its innovative products encompass digital LED controllers and sensors for intelligent lighting management and energy savings.

MMB Networks offers a turnkey ControlScope-enablement solution for lighting and sensors, with drop-in ZigBee modules powered by MMB’s RapidConnect networking software. RapidConnect is an embedded application that simplifies development, reduces time-to-market from months to weeks, and gives IoT devices robust, real-world networking and interoperability including out of the box support for Daintree Networks’ ControlScope. MMB is also an official Daintree Networks test partner, providing end-to-end enablement and certification support, as well as development and customization services.

More information is available at daintree.net.