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Davra Networks, an Intel and Cisco IoT partner and leading Industrial IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) Software Company, announced a joint partnership with Fast Lane, an IT Training Specialist with global reach to deliver 4 new Davra Certified IoT courses based on Davra’s award winning Internet of Things AEP Software Platform.

The industrial Internet of Things technology stack, from edge intelligence (fog), Data Collection, AEP, Analytics to Security is maturing. The next big inhibitor to widespread Internet of Things adoption in the industrial, enterprise and public sector markets is awareness and training.

“Davra Networks is one of the most mature IoT AEP software companies. They have concentrated on a horizontal AEP software platform with a core focus on the transportation and connected vehicle market. We are excited to be their exclusive Global Training Partner and are investing significantly in their platform training,” said Chuck Terrien, Fast Lane President – Americas.

“We have believed for years that the IoT industry could borrow best-practices from the IT industry to help increase IoT channel capacity and improve channel capabilities for technologists and sales executives,” says IoT analyst firm MachNation. “The Authorized Davra Training and Certification provided by FastLane is a great example of leadership in this endeavor.”

Brian McGlynn, President Davra networks stated, “Our talented engineering team has developed this platform with passion over the last 4 years and our commercialization team has developed the best possible global sales channel. It is now time to combine these two efforts and build out our sales awareness and training on a global level. I am 100% confident that Fast Lane is the right company to accomplish this and I am delighted and extremely excited about this synergetic partnership.”

At you will find a description of the new curriculum made up of four new Davra Certifications and related courses focused on Account Managers, Sales Engineers, Solution Architects and AEP Developers. Enrollments are being taken immediately for the summer of 2016.