Delphian Systems (Delphian) will demo their SecuRemote® Technology platform at CES 2015.  Delphian is a special guest at the Nordic Semiconductor booth, #70861.  An in-booth presentation is scheduled for Friday, January 9 from 1:00-3:00pm.  Delphian will also be available for questions and comments.

SecuRemote is an Internet of Things (IoT) automation technology that makes OEM products, devices, and sensors directly interoperable with Android and iOS.  It makes these “Things” capable of automatically interconnecting with hundreds of similar products and devices, over long distances, using a mesh network topology.

The heart of SecuRemote is a miniaturized electronic module that can be embedded into virtually any “Thing”. The module enables “Things” to automatically interconnect with mobile devices and the Cloud directly.  The module also enables “Things” to interconnect with one another forming wireless LANs that can cover large areas.  “Bringing wireless networking capability to low power BLE devices is a very powerful part of the SecuRemote technology,” explains Todd Piatnik, Delphian, Director OEM Strategic Alliances.  “Each device essentially becomes a smart node of a high-security network; we refer to it as a ‘Smart LAN’ because it discovers and configures all devices automatically.  Each node acts as a range extender and as a traffic director for all the messages that flow throughout the network.  Whenever a node is added or removed, the messages are re-routed automatically throughout the Smart LAN and directly to the Cloud directly using our cellular bridge.”

The combination of Bluetooth Smart with a mesh network capability makes SecuRemote a superior alternative to older technologies because it eliminates both product and operational integration complexity and the related costs, reliability, and risks. For manufacturers, that translates to smarter and better products, lower cost, and faster speed-to-market.

“Our vision was one of making low energy devices interconnect directly and automatically with a) one another, b) any mobile device, and c) with the Cloud, directly and with utmost security and ease,” explains John Veleris Delphian CEO, “coupling that with the ability to bring about powerful automation control to the user was the genesis of that vision.  So in a way we have redefined wireless security and remote control automation – as our SecuRemote logo suggests.”

SecuRemote gives consumers and users unprecedented ease of use, reliability, security, and ability to personalize how they interact with their products.  SecuRemote-enabled products are as easy to setup as registering them online and turning on the power.  Products can be controlled directly from an authorized mobile device within Bluetooth range and/or within the Smart LAN and/or from the Cloud.  More importantly, products can sense the physical proximity of authorized users’ devices automatically and operate according to the permissions and preferences of each user.

SecuRemote is designed and supported as a fully integrated system by Delphian.  The FCC-approved SecuRemote modules and bridge are designed and made for Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 applications, and will become available in Q2 through global electronic distributors.  A full-power (Class 1) SecuRemote module can achieve exceptionally long range reliable Bluetooth connections from as far as 1,000′.  OEMs with an IoT strategy can request a SecuRemote Dev kit by visiting

About Delphian Systems
Delphian Systems is an engineering firm specializing in the development and integration of wireless devices, mobile and cloud application systems, and micro-electromechanical actuators and sensor devices.


We provide complete end-to-end solutions for customer-partners whose products require interoperability with mobile devices and seamless network connectivity.  We invented SecuRemote technology as a response to OEM needs for making their products more powerful and more competitive – smarter and better at a lesser total cost.