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August Smart Lock



  • Secure – Intelligent, secure access for your home using a smartphone. Never worry about losing your keys again
  • Easy Install, Discreet – Replace the interior of your existing deadbolt in 10 minutes; exterior hardware is unchanged
  • Total Control – You control who has access to your home and manage how long their access lasts
  • Always On – Powered by four AA batteries, so it’s always on; even if your power, Wi-Fi, or cable go down
  • Auto Unlock – Senses your approach and unlocks your door for you, without having to reach for your phone

August Smart Lock - Keyless Home Entry

Product Description

The August Smart Lock is the intelligent, secure way to manage access to your home from your iOS and Android devices.

Never worry about lost keys again

August Smart Lock App


August Smart Lock’s encrypted technology is safer than keys that can get lost or codes that can be copied. You can still carry a key. You just don’t have to. August Smart Lock is powered by four AA batteries so it’s always on – even if the power, Wi-Fi, or cable go down.



Your home responds to you


Whether you are heading off for the day or returning home, August Smart Lock senses when you approach and automatically locks or unlocks your door. No need to reach for keys or worry about whether or not you locked the door.

Easy, discreet install

August SmartLock InstallAugust replaces the interior portion of compatible deadbolts in about ten minutes, leaving exterior hardware unchanged. August works with Single Cylinder deadbolts, which are the most popular locks. Mortise, Integrated Lock & Handle, and Rim Cylinder locks are not compatible.


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