Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Bitlock Bluetooth Bike Lock



  • Keyless entry using your cell phone
  • 5 Year battery life (replaceable battery)
  • Highly secure U-lock bike lock
  • Backup combination mode in case of emergencies
  • Geo tagging

KEYLESS ENTRY: Keys get lost and combinations get forgotten. Countless locks become useless because of these two problems. Now Bitlock has solved the problem. Smartphones offer a high level of modern security. Many users keep bank cards (Google Wallet/Apple Pay) online passwords and countless other information in their smartphone.

Now you can also keep your bike secure with the Bitlock bike lock. This new U lock allows users to lock and unlock their bicycle with Bluetooth technology. SHARE ACCESS: Friends and family can share access to the same lock by simply downloading the Bitlock app from the App store or Google Play.

The primary Bitlock owner can then give or revoke access to anyone that has a user name from anywhere in the world. TRACK ACTIVITY: When locking up your bicycle Bitlock will send the app a signal to mark the geo tagging location. This way you can check your app for the location of your bike if you ever forget where you locked it up.

BitLock can help you effortlessly keep track of your cycling activity such as trip length, duration and calories burnt. (BONUS – Right now all Bitlocks come with a 48″ braided steel cable).

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