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Brita Infinity Smart Water Pitcher



  • Brita’s first smart, wi-fi-enabled pitcher
  • Tracks usage and automatically orders its own replacement filters through Amazon Dash Replenishment at $5.99 price
  • 8 cup BPA free water filtration pitcher with 1 advanced filter
  • Activated Carbon and Ion-Exchange-Resin filter with dual screen reduces the contaminants, chlorine (taste and odor), zinc, copper, mercury and cadmium
  • 1 Brita water filter lasts for 40 gallons of healthier, great-tasting water. Shipping and handling charges may apply to filter replenishment for non-prime members

The Wi-Fi enabled Brita Infinity Filter Pitcher with Amazon Dash Replenishment tracks usage and automatically orders its own replacement filters, so you’ll never run out of great tasting water again. Simply place the filter in the pitcher and set the indicator. As the filter starts to run low, the smart pitcher triggers a replacement order and a new filter is delivered to you right when you need it. Replace the filter, reset the indicator and your pitcher is ready to go. With the convenience of Amazon Dash Replenishment, you will always have a new filter before you run out. This BPA free liquid filtration pitcher has a dual screen carbon activated filter, which reduces contaminants including lead, zinc, copper, mercury and cadmium that may be found in tap water. One filter can replace as many as 300 standard 16 oz. plastic bottles, cutting down on waste and saving you money. Ergonomically designed with a flip top lid and a comfort grip handle, the pitcher is easy to refill and pour. Great taste, less waste and more savings with Brita.

Brita Infinity Filter Replacements

Brita Infinity pitcher tracks your water usage and orders a single replacement filter from Amazon when your filter is almost due.

During activation, set-up automated deliveries with Amazon Dash Replenishment and opt out at any time.

One Advanced Brita filter is certified to filter 40 gallons.

Our Most Advanced Filter Ever

Better tasting, better for you

Filters out contaminants often found in tap water with coconut-based activated carbon & ion exchange resin technology.

BPA-free, no pre-soak and no black flecks.

Drinking more liquids can help you lose weight, feel like you have more energy and feel more alert.

Better value, better world

Save more than $500 every year in water bottle purchases and over 300 plastic bottles from ending up in our landfills.

Brita Filters Reduce:

  • Zinc
  • Chlorine
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Mercury
Benefits You and Your Family

Brita reduces the taste and odor of chlorine to deliver great-tasting water while removing copper, cadmium and mercury which can cause illness over time.

Purchase on Amazon.com: Brita Infinity Smart Water Pitcher.


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