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LP Broadlink Smart Home Air Purifier



  • Connect your Smart Home Air Purifier to your home and office Wi-Fi, no gateway needed.
  • Control your devices anywhere at anytime through the app “e-Control”
  • Broadlink A1 E-Air Smart Home Air Purifier For iPhone Smartphones
  • Interaction with other BroadLink and BroadLink DNA smart devices
  • Support detection of VOC, temperature, voice, illumination, humidity, etc.

Air purifier

Real smart air quality testing equipment doesn’t only record air quality data, but it also offers users warnings or mobile phone push notifications on what could be done to improve the air quality from the surrounding environment.

air purifier


Main functions

  1. smart phones app view and record home in the air the indexes.
  2. perceptive and optimization to improve the air quality home.
  3. equipped with voice-activated , light , temperature and humidity , voc harmful gases,induction.
  4. mini usb interface , extended pm2.5 , formaldehyde module.
  5. scene interosculated, liberties pairing.
  6. app alarm message real-time push , breathing light view status.
  7. built-in broadlink “extremely accused of S2” wi-fi module.
  8. one button configuration , the easy access wi-fi network.

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