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Foobot, Indoor Air Quality Monitor



  • Instant air quality reading on the device
  • VOC (with CO2 equivalent impact), PM2.5, temperature, humidity
  • Actionable advices to improve your indoor air quality
  • Multi-room monitoring
  • Made for iOS (7 or later), Android (4 or later)

Did you know that we spend 90% of our time indoor, where air can be up to 8 times more polluted? This pollution comes from our activities, the products we use, and outdoor pollution coming inside. To let you take control of your indoor air quality, we created Foobot, the first complete indoor air quality monitor, able to learn from your habits at an affordable price.

Understanding your habits, evolving with you.

Indoor pollution comes from several sources. Your habits, your activities, the products you use, outdoor pollution, your pets – everything can be a source. Keeping fresh air does not mean opening windows or buying an air purifier. It means identifying the source and understanding how to fight it. That’s why Foobot was designed.

Make the right decision at the right moment.

Receive notifications when crossing thresholds (defined by the World Health Organization) to warn you of pollution peak, on the fly or in a near future. More than simply recognising pollution source, Foobot is able to identify events happening in your life so it can bring you the knowledge necessary to take control of your indoor air quality.

Air Quality

Plug and breathe
Foobot is not only powerful. It was also super easy to install and use.

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