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About the Product
  • Automatically tracks your water intake and syncs it with your iPhone
  • Helps people with their health, diet and weight goals
  • Easy to use iPhone, apple watch apps and new H2OPal Amazon Alexa skill
  • Comes with a high­-quality ergonomically designed borosilicate water bottle
  • Simple setup and works for months on a simple coin cell battery (android currently not supported)

Similar to a fitness tracker, H2O-Pal is a hydration tracker that works with your water bottle. It makes your life easier by helping you take in more water, fewer calories and improve your productivity and focus by avoiding dehydration. When it comes to building a successful habit, having a sense of progress is incredibly important but tracking your water intake manually isn’t easy. H2O-Pal solves this as it logs data automatically and it sends you helpful reminders if you’re falling behind.

Clean and functional design

H2O-Pal is a thin device at the base of the bottle. Magnetic and vacuum connections enable a sleek design and easy setup. It tracks your water intake completely nonintrusively, it doesn’t change the way you drink and it never needs to be in contact with the water you drink.

Get everything you need to track hydration

H2O-Pal Hydration Tracker, Premium Quality Water Bottle & great H2O-Pal iOS App.

  • Automatically tracks your intake and syncs data with your smartphone.
  • Sends smart and timely notifications so you stay well hydrated throughout the entire day.
  • Provides a personalized hydration goal and measures and encourages progress over time.

Improving your physical health and mental balance

Shifting just some of your hydration needs from soda to water can save you from thousands of ’empty’ calories each month while supporting your immune system.

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