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Huawei Stainless Steel Smart Watch



  • 1.4″ full circle AMOLED display with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and stainless steel body
  • Compatible with most devices with an iOS 8.2 or Android 4.3 or later operating system
  • Get notifications and alerts for calls, texts, and apps with over 4000 Android Wear apps to choose from
  • A variety of pre-installed watch faces and easily swappable bands for your own unique style
  • Accurate fitness tracking with enhanced heart rate monitor and sensors to track running, walking, and more


Inspired by the classic designs of luxury watches, with cutting-edge technology, the Huawei Watch redefines what we’ve come to expect from a smartwatch. Developed as a statement piece rather than a smartphone for your wrist, it combines elegant craftsmanship with Android Wear to deliver a new high-end standard for the category. It’s smart, redefined.

Created using sophisticated materials like a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, cold-forged stainless steel cases, and fine leather and stainless steel bands, the Huawei Watch’s style is just as advanced as its functional features.

Featuring iOS and iPhone compatibility, a compact design, and the sharpest screen of any smartwatch in the market, the 400×400 display delivers notifications, music from your phone, and more than 4,000 apps you can personalize and explore without being tethered to your phone – keeping you connected rather than distracted.

With a variety of watch faces to choose from, it’s ready to pair with any ensemble or occasion. Whether you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle, hike up a mountain, or step into an important meeting, the Huawei Watch seamlessly fits any situation while tracking your movement with built-in heart rate monitoring and exercise pattern recognition.

Finally, there is a stylish smartwatch for smart, stylish people.

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Full Circle Design

The full circle, 42 millimeter diameter face provides the most classic watch size of any smartwatch in market. With a sleek, 400×400 pixel high resolution screen, the Huawei Watch is equipped for style.

Cold-Forged Stainless Steel

Referencing classic Swiss design, the Huawei Watch has a hand polished finish, an ergonomic crown at the 2 o’clock position, and is constructed of cold-forged stainless steel.

Sapphire Glass

The traditional full circle face is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the first on an Android Wear device.

Luxury Materials

The Huawei watch is available with premium materials including 22 Karat Rose gold plated stainless steel, alligator pressed leather, and diamond-like carbon paint.

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Complete Customization

The Huawei Watch is ready to pair with any ensemble or occasion. With a wide variety of pre-installed watch faces, a full range of high-end cases and 18 millimeter bands, and a display screen that is always on you control what luxury looks like.

Smart Within

Powered by Android Wear, featuring iOS and Android compatibility, built-in Wi-Fi and Google Now voice commands, the Huawei Watch is intuitive. See who’s calling, read texts, and receive emails without reaching for your phone.

Fully Loaded

Your favorite apps are now available on your wrist. With more than 4,000 apps to choose from in the Google Play Store, you can always stay connected.

Health & Fitness

The Huawei Watch visualizes your health in new ways. Track your movement and activities anywhere at any time with exercise-pattern recognition and a built-in heart-rate monitor.

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