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Keen Home Smart Vent



  • Intelligently heat and cool your home
  • Wireless control with your smartphone
  • Regulate airflow in rooms that are too hot, too cold, or not in use
  • Keen Home Smart Bridge required for operation


Room-by-room. Intelligent. Zoning.

Your home should be your sanctuary and not another source of stress. The Keen products ensure that when you get home, your home gets you. The Smart Vent was designed to increase comfort and reduce energy costs by regulating your home’s temperature room-by-room.


Meet your Smart Vent
Now you can heat and cool your home the intelligent and efficient way—room by room. The Smart Vent creates an intuitive room-zoned system that proactively balances your home’s temperature. The average sized home only needs a system of 4 – 8 Smart Vents to ehance both comfort and efficiency.
More comfort, more efficiency
Strategically placing 4 – 8 Smart Vents throughout your home, in rooms that are over-conditioned or rarely used, creates a balanced home temperature system that enhances comfort room by room.The Smart Vent’s built-in temperature and pressure sensors wirelessly communicate with each other—as well as other smart devices—to regulate and redirect airflow when needed.
 Vent  Vent  Vent




Sensor calculates individual room temperature to better regulate airflow

Sensor measures air pressure at the vent for system protection and diagnostics

Advanced control algorithms enhance battery life, extending it for years

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