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Logitech Harmony Home Control



  • Use your Smartphone (with available app) or included Harmony Remote for one-touch control of your entertainment system and home automation devices such as Philips Hue lights or Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Companion remote includes full featured home entertainment controls including dedicated home automation controls
  • Included Harmony Hub lets you control devices hidden behind cabinet doors or walls, including game consoles such as PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360
  • Simple setup on computer or the available smartphone app – works with over 270,000 devices, including your TV, satellite or cable box, blu-ray player, Apple TV, Roku, Sonos, game consoles, Philips Hue lights, and more
  • Model: 915-000239 (Control up to 8 Devices). Please refer to the system requirements mentioned in this page.
Control your entertainment and your home from your smartphone

Logitech Harmony Home Control integrates connected lights, locks, blinds, thermostats, sensors, home entertainment devices, and more (smartphone, lights, locks, thermostats, sensors, blinds, and other products sold separately) — all controllable from your Harmony remote or Harmony mobile app. Customized multi-device Activities make movie night more epic, date night cozier or happy hour happier.

Customize your own home experiences

Get your lighting, locks, thermostat and more to work together for one-touch experiences like ‘welcome home’ or ‘good night’. Set room lighting to automatically dim when you start a movie. Activate multiple devices at a touch, create custom schedules, or trigger them with sensors.

Control from inside or outside your home

Take control of your smart-home and entertainment devices directly from the remote or the Harmony smartphone/tablet app (initial online and/or mobile setup required. Data rates may apply for mobile app download).

Easy home entertainment and automation control

Control home automation devices such as Philips hue lights, Nest Learning Thermostat, August door locks and more—plus advanced home entertainment devices like Apple TV, Roku, or Sonos and game consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation3 or Wii.

Full-featured remote

Touch an Activity button like ‘Watch TV’ and all the right devices change to the right settings. A streamlined button layout and full number pad make it a breeze to change channels, adjust volume, fast-forward and rewind. Plus, you can control individual or grouped devices, like lights or plugs, with dedicated home automation buttons.

Closed cabinet and game console control

The included Harmony Hub sends commands from the remote or Harmony App to your devices using IR, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless signals (wireless and IR range may vary due to environmental conditions). So you can control devices behind closed cabinet doors and access online entertainment services like Netflix and Hulu on your PS3, Wii, Xbox One or Fire TV.

Turn household smartphones into personal remotes

The Harmony App lets anyone in the house turn their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into a universal remote, complete with up to 50 one-touch Favorite channels and multi-device Activities.

Simple setup on computer or mobile app

Harmony works with over 270,000 devices from 6,000+ brands. Simply connect your remote to your Internet-connected computer, go to, and download the commands for your devices. Or use the Harmony App** to setup control for your devices in just minutes—right on your smartphone or tablet. Either way, the remote and app are automatically synced up with the commands for all your devices.

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