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Luma Home WiFi System



  • The surround Wi-Fi system perfectly personalized for your family and home
  • Get the fastest Wi-Fi anywhere, on all of your devices, all at once
  • Keep your kids out of harms way and set content filter ratings at the network level
  • Lock down your home internet with enterprise-grade cybersecurity


Your Home. Your Network.

Luma gives you the fastest WiFi everywhere. From the smallest apartment to the biggest of very big homes, so many things can be affecting your signal strength. Luma tells you how many devices you’ll need to set up a mesh network that’s customized to your unique home, and smart enough to keep that network running at full speed, full-time. All on its own, too.”


Featuring Not-So-Standard Security

Right out of the box, Luma comes equipped with enterprise grade security so you never have to even think about network security.



House Rules

Just say what level of content is or isnt allowed for each person on your network and luma enforces the rules politely.


WiFiA Close, Personal Network.

Keep a close, personal network. Luma secures your devices, neutralizes any threats automatically, and keeps you in control of your network.

WiFiWiFi. Tuned to You

Check your speed. Give access to friends. Set Parental Controls. Pause the internet for dinner. And see pretty much everything else you’ve ever wondered about your WiFi network, right on your phone.

Better WiFI means better everything.

All of your smart devices will love Luma. And you’ll love when all of your devices run smoothly together on Luma’s speedy Surround WiFi network.

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