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  • The smart wearable toy that turns a child’s every movement into fun sounds!
  • Don’t buy new toys, download new creative experiences. A magic wand, golf club, ninja sword, guitar, and more are just a tap away on our free iPhone/iPad app.
  • Moff plays well with others-two Moff Bands can sync to a single iOS device.
  • Currently compatible with: Apple iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s/6/6Plus; iPod touch (5th gen or later); iPad (4th gen or later), iPad mini, and iPad Air. App requires iOS 7.1 or later. Android compatibility coming soon.

Moff Band - Wearable Smart Toy

Product Description

You’ve got the latest and greatest smart toys-why don’t your kids? Introducing Moff Band, a smart slap-on wristband that turns everything kids touch and hold into toys! Powered by an accelerometer and creativity, a wave of the arms is suddenly like hitting a drum kit, a wooden spoon becomes a knight’s sword, and an imagination is the only thing a kid needs to play tennis in the living room.

Moff BandInstead of encouraging sedentary couch time, the Moff Band is the tech toy for kids that requires full-body movement. Give your child the experience that is good for them while unlocking their enormous imaginative potential. The app is unobtrusive and intuitive so your child briefly experiences the tech side of the toy while spending most of the time focused on the best part-the fun!

With two Moff Bands, activities sync on the same iOS device. Getting along has never been this seamless.

After a successful funding period through Kickstarter in which the goal amount was reached in only 48 hours, the Moff Band debuted worldwide. The reception was more than enthusiastic, with coverage on Gizmodo, USA Today, Engadget, Laughing Squid, The Daily Dot and other major publications.

The Moff Band is currently only compatible with the Apple iPhone 4s / 5 / 5c / 5s / 6 / 6Plus, iPod touch 5th gen or later, iPad 4th gen or later, iPad Mini, and iPad Air. The app requires iOS7.1 or later, and will expand to Android devices soon!

Moff Wearable Smart Toy

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