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Mother and Motion Cookies Versatile Sensors



  • Alerts you if someone breaks into your home
  • Helps you to be more active to stay fit
  • Reminds you to take your medicine
  • Helps to sleep well and wake up refreshed
  • And lots of more Apps

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Mother & the Motion Cookies Versatile Family of Sensors

Connect Your Life the Way You Want : Want to be alerted if someone tries to break into your house? Simply place a Cookie on your front door. Want to make sure you are walking enough to stay fit? Carry a Cookie in your pocket. It will measure your activity and help you meet your targets. Do you sometimes forget to take your pills? Stick a Cookie to your pill bottle. It will send you a reminder if you miss an intake. These are a few examples of the many uses of Motion Cookies. Just choose the App that meets your current concerns, place a Cookie at the appropriate location and you’re ready to go.

Mother Takes Care of Everything

Mother and her Motion Cookies are a family of smart versatile sensors that take care of your fitness, your well-being, your comfort, your safety and much more. A single product for all the family’s needs.

Blend Into Your Life

Mother & Cookies are designed to blend seamlessly into your life and require very little attention. Cookie’s replaceable battery last 12 months on average. There’s no button to push, no synchronization to make, no pairing, nothing. Just place the Cookie and forget about it for the next 12 months or more.

Mother Sensors

How It Works

Getting Started 1. Connect your Mother to your Internet router using the provided Ethernet cable. Plug the power adapter into a power outlet. 2. Go to sensemother. com/start to create your private account and register your Mother. 3. Download Pocket Mother for iOS, Android or Windows Phone on your Smartphone(s) or Tablet(s). 4. Place a battery in a Cookie. It turns on and connects to Mother. 5. Shake it and it will be added to your account. 6. Repeat for all 4 Cookies in the box. Slecting an App 1. Go to the « Add Apps » section on the website. 2. Choose in the list the App you want to install. 3. Customize the App with your related personal data and preferences. 4. Select the Cookie(s) you want to use for this App. 5. Place the Cookie(s) at the appropriate location. You’re ready to go!

Living with Mother & Her Cookies

Receive notifications when something that matters to you happens. Notifications are sent according to your preferences on your Smartphone, by SMS, by Phone Calls or email. If you want to, Mother can also play sound notifications. Review the timeline of all events anytime on your smartphone, tablet or the web. Browse your Senseboard, the storybook of your life on your tablet or the web. See the current main headlines, zoom in the details and complete statistics of all the activities you monitor. WHAT’S IN THE BOX? One Mother, One Ethernet cable, One Power Adapter, A Mother Quick Start guide, 4 Motion Cookies in 4 different colors, 4 Batteries + 1 Spare, 3 silicone Cookie Holders, 2 velcro straps , 1 Key ring attachment string, Some sticky putty, A Cookie Quick Start guide & A Cookie installation and affixing guide.

One Device, Infinite Number of Uses

Be notified that your kids are back home safe. Make sure that it is warm and cosy everywhere in your home. Wake up rested and fresh every morning. Cookies can help you with this and more. Select the App that meets your needs. Incredibly versatile, Cookies seamlessly switch to the right algorithm to adapt to the tasks you assign to them. You have new needs? Cookies can be reprogrammed endlessly. Unlike other devices, the life of the Cookie doesn’t end the day you wants change.

Mother Apps

Available Apps & Their Main Feature

Walk : Are you active enough to stay fit? Carry a Cookie in your pocket to count the number of steps you make, the distances you walk, the calories you burn.
Door : Monitor access to your home. Stick a Cookie on your front door and get an alert when unusual activity is detected when you are away.
Sleep : Sleep better. Wake up rested. Place a Cookie on your mattress to seamlessly measure the quality of your sleep and wake you up gently at the best moment.
Teeth : Ready for a tooth brushing challenge in the family? Attach a Cookie to everybody’s toothbrush and you’ll see who’s the tooth brushing champion.
Medication : Always take your medication on time. Stick a Cookie on your pill bottle and get a reminder if you miss an intake.
Coffee : How many espresso coffees do you brew? Do you drink too many of them in the evening? Get notified before you run out of pods. Affix a Cookie to your coffee machine.
Cartoon : Let toys and everyday objects make funny sounds. Affix a Cookie to an object. When it moves a cartoon style sound is played on your smartphone or tablet.
Secrets : Keep an eye on your precious or intimate objects. Attach a Cookie to them to be alerted if someone touches them.
Presence : Is there anybody home right now? Are the kids back? Give a Cookie to each member of the family and it will report who’s in and who’s out in real time.
Temperature : Measure the temperature everywhere you see fit. Simply place a Cookie at the desired spot and you will get a warning if temperature goes out of the normal range.

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