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Neato Botvac Robot Vacuum



  • Wi-Fi Connected for Ultimate Control—use the Neato app to clean your floors from wherever you are. Receive notifications on the go.
  • D-Shape design with CornerClever technology cleans close to walls and into corners.Long lasting Li-Ion battery
  • LaserSmart mapping and navigation with real-time object detection. Scans and maps the room, plans, and methodically cleans-instead of just bumping around.
  • Eco & Turbo mode—you choose. Eco gives a longer, quieter energy-saving clean. Turbo provides a super-powered cleaning-with maximum hair pickup.
  • Kindly refer the user manual Page# 5 and 13 for set up and best practice details under Technical Specifications.

Still pushing a vacuum let Neato Wi-Fi enabled Robot do the vacuuming for you. With the Neato app on your smartphone, you can start, schedule, and monitor your cleaning from wherever you are. D-shape with cornerclever-exclusive D-Shape with CornerClever technology gets to where dirt hides-in corners and along walls.

The Ultimate Navigating Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum.

Fully-featured, award-winning Botvac Connected is the smartest, most powerful, versatile solution for automatically clean floors, everyday. With dual cleaning modes and a wide cleaning path, Botvac Connected efficiently cleans room-to-room, recharges automatically and resumes cleaning until the entire floor is clean. Works on all floor types. Use the Neato app to clean your floors anytime, from anywhere. Great for homes with pets and allergies.
Cleans room to room in a methodical, efficient path, finishing up to 4x faster than other bounce around robot vacuums.

Detects furniture and objects and navigates around them.

Returns to base automatically to recharge and resume cleaning until the entire floor is clean.

SpinFlow Power Clean

Potent suction & precision brushes leave floors immaculately clean.

Picks up dirt, crumbs and dust bunnies. Easy to empty extra-large dirt bin.

Best at picking up pet hair

D-Shape with CornerClever Tech

D-Shape allows robot to get where dirt hides, deep into corners.

Main brush spans front of robot to achieve an efficient, wide cleaning path.

Maximum hair pick up

Neato picks up more hair than other robotic vacuums. Ideal for pet owners and allergy sufferers alike.

Always use Neato Genuine Accessories

Please ensure that your replacement batteries, filters, brushes and any other components are Genuine Neato Accessories.

Accessories made by third parties may damage your robot or cause performance issues, and will also void your product warranty.

Getting the most out of your Neato robot:

  • Charge your robot overnight before using it for the first time.
  • It is recommended that you use your Neato frequently to keep it happy and healthy, and you get cleaner floors!
  • Between cleaning cycles, always keep your Neato robot charging on its charge base.

Maintain your Neato for peak performance by doing the follow:

  • Empty your dirt bin after every cleaning.
  • Tap your filter against a garbage can to remove excess debris.
  • Clean your Neato brush frequently to keep the brush debris-free and running smoothly. If debris gathers, don’t worry. It’s easy to pop the brush out, clean, and put back in robot.
  • Clean debris from the side brush as necessary.

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