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OCHO – Simplifying Life



A smart home begins with a smart key tray…

OCHO holds keys, wallets and phones, making daily organization and communication easier through automated messaging and so much more. OCHO improves lives by sending and receiving customizable messages and reminders to loved ones. Using NFC and Infrared technology, OCHO connects the things people rely on everyday to notifications that help people organize their time and their lives. Users can set specific automated actions like reminders, messages to loved ones, or simply time tracking features.

Just In Time Notification

Simplify daily communication.  Receive automatic messages from OCHO to yourself,  the minute your loved ones get home and set their keys on the OCHO Pad. This way you can be sure they are safe while you are busy without all the hassles of back and forth messaging.

Who We Are

We are tinkerers and engineers. We make hardware and we write software. And, just like you, we misplace our wallets and forget our keys when our demanding schedule causes daily distractions. We go to bed and forget to charge our phones. We work hard and we try to work smart, but we’re still human. With our passion for technology comes a need to invent things that simplify our lives and limit the errors we make when we’re busy. So, we started thinking…how can we use technology to help us remember all of the little things our demanding schedules sometimes cause us to forget?

After a great deal of thought, we invented OCHO to help us get better at all the things that matter most to us. We can communicate better with our wives, our husbands, our children and our friends with the technology we’ve created in OCHO. Stop letting things slip through the cracks, and let OCHO help you keep your life in order.


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