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Pryme Vessyl Hydration Tracker



It’s not about drinking 8 glasses. Your hydration needs are ever-changing and unique to you. The award-winning Pryme Vessyl tracks your personal hydration needs throughout the day, helping you stay mentally sharp and physically strong. When you are at your Pryme, you are at your best.


Hydration is Personal Hydration

Pryme is your personal hydration metric. It takes into account your height, weight, age, and biological sex, as well as ever-changing factors such as your activity level and hours of sleep. Whether you bike, lift weights, or simply walk to work each day, Pryme Vessyl also connects with Fitbit, Jawbone Up, and Apple Health to let you know how close you are to your Pryme.


Get to your Pryme

The blue light means you’re Prymed for your moments of greatness. Optimal hydration can lead to mental balance, physical endurance, more energy,healthier skin and much more. In concert with the app, Pryme provides real-time personalized insights and notifications.


Premium Tritan Exterior

Every detail matters. The exterior of your Pryme Vessyl is reinforced with a durable Eastman Tritan copolyester shell with the addition of a soft-grip touch. Tilt your Vessyl to activate a beautifully discreet display on the front that shows your Pryme status.

HydrationDurable Glass Interior

The nonporous glass interior is designed to accommodate both hot and cold liquids with relatively easy clean up. The interior will not retain flavors, so feel free to enjoy your coffee, tea, or other hydrating beverage in your Pryme Vessyl.

HydrationSpill-resistant Lid

It’s important that you can confidently carry your Pryme Vessyl with you throughout the day. A pleasant magnetic sliding action opens and closes the spill-resistant lid. The lid’s two parts easily separate for quick and simple cleaning.


Hydrate Intelligently

The producer wants to empower you to be healthier through engaging, inspiring, and informative experiences. Pryme Vessyl is designed to fit seamlessly in your life, helping you get and stay optimally hydrated throughout day. From the wire-free charging coaster to the sleek lid,your Pryme Vessy will feel familiar while encouraging you to be at your best.

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