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Spire Wearable for Mind & Body



  • Requires a compatible iPhone running iOS 8.3 or higher. Spire currently does not support Android devices.
  • Spire measures your breathing and provides feedback for a more focused and calm day.
  • When you’re breathing indicates tension, a gentle notification reminds you to stop and take a deep breath.
  • The included iOS app can guide you in short, simple exercises or mini-meditations to increase focus, calm and productivity.
  • Clip the Spire stone unobtrusively onto your pants or bra to track steps, calories and respiratory patterns.
  • Incorporates wireless charging, up to 7-days of battery life and thoughtful washer-proof design.
  • NOTE: Spire measures breathing to give you insight into your state of mind. It is not a mood tracker or medical device.

Spire measures your breathing patterns to give you insights into your state of mind. It can notify you when your breathing reflects tension and guide you to calm or remind you to be more active when you’re sedentary. Spire also helps you discover what makes you calm, focused, and active, and coaches you to a more mindful and healthy lifestyle.

Spire is currently only compatible with newer Apple devices: iPhones 4S and above, iPod Touch 5th gen+, iPad 3rd gen+, iPad mini 1st gen+

Smart Notifications to Reduce Tension and Increase Calm

The Spire iOS app provides is designed to coach you to a more calm and productive day; it notifies you when you’re breathing indicates tension, provides daily and weekly reports on your state of mind, and includes audio exercises to improve your breathing and ability to reach a calm state of mind.

Counts Steps and Calories and Reminds You to be More Active

Spire helps you be less sedentary by notifying you when you are inactive and tracking your steps and calories burned. You can even set custom reminders to nudge you when you’ve been inactive. With mindfulness and activity tracking, Spire is the only wearable you need.

7-Day Battery Life

The Spire battery can truck on for as long as you do. With 7-day battery life, you don’t need to worry about being left without juice. When it’s time for a charge, simply place it on its beautifully designed, cork-rimmed charging plate and it will charge wirelessly.

Spire Wearable Mind & Body

Water Resistant

Whether it’s an accidental trip through the washing machine or an unexpected water spill, the sealed, water-resistant Spire stone will emerge a survivor. You can comfortably rinse it if it gets dirty or sweaty after an intense workout, too.

Award Winning Hardware

Winner of the 2014 National Hewitt Design Award, the Spire is not only sturdy and smart, but it’s also beautiful and functional. You might find yourself wishing that it wasn’t so discreet.

Based on 7 Years of Research into the Science of Breath

Studies have shown how simply controlling our breathing can lower blood pressure, reduce tension and increase endorphins. Spire measures respiratory patterns to detect subtle changes in your state of mind and then guides you to regain calm and focus.

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