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Wink Connected Home Hub



  • The Wink HUB expands your centralized control by speaking many of the wireless languages that various products already use and connects them through the Wink app, providing a single organized platform from which you can operate your smart home.
  • The Wink app is free to use and can be downloaded through the Apple App Store or Google Play. All you need is an email account, and there are no long-term contracts or service fees. The Wink app connects you to products that already have Wink technology built in.
  • Easy setup means you’ll spend more time enjoying your products and less time installing them.
  • The Wink HUB supports many of the products that use Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Lutron ClearConnect, enabling remote control via the Wink app on your smartphone. It can be run on Android mobile, Android Wear, and iOS.

Wink Connected Home Hub

What is it?

Together with the Wink app, the Wink HUB acts as a bridge between you and your smart home, simplifying the connection between you and your things. By speaking the many languages of all of the different products out there, the Wink HUB puts all your peas in one pod, providing control of your products from wherever you are and further simplifying your smart world.

Unsure whether your products will work with the Wink HUB? Check if they have the Wink Seal.

Meet the Wink App

All your favorite smart products, one simple app.
Wink App Light Control
Wink App Lock
Wink App Thermostat

Where to Buy

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