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Zubie: Makes Driving Easier



  • Nationwide Coverage – Zubie uses cellular and GPS technology to pinpoint your Car location anywhere in the U.S. No Bluetooth required.
  • Interactive Live Map – Real-time location and trip history for connecting with friends and family anytime, anywhere. View from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Vehicle Alerts – On-demand notifications via app, text and email about car location, engine and battery health, fuel level, top speed, hard breaking and more.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics – Be alerted to potential engine and battery problems before it’s too late. Understand severity and estimate repair costs before going to the mechanic.
  • Save money on car ownership and maintenance with Zubie Perks. Customized discounts based on car wear and tear and driving behavior.
  • Easy to install. Easy to use. Just plug the Free Zubie Key in the diagnostic port under your dashboard and take a drive.
  • Service price includes the Zubie Key (device), Apps, Web View, Always-On Connection and data storage. 1 Year Limited Warranty. No installation fees or contracts.

Zubie Smart Vehicle Monitoring Device. Connects cars and drivers like never before! Always SmartTM location tracking alerts you when family members arrive and depart common locations Monitors your car’s health and alerts you to car troubles–before they happen Tracks and helps you improve driving habits Connects you with friends to share locations and simplify coordination for trips and carpools Plugs into your car’s diagnostic port in minutes Compatible with most cars manufactured 1996 and later Works with iPhone or iPad devices running iOS 6+ and AndroidTM phones and tablets running 4.0+ Includes 1 year of 24/7 service Zubie helps you stay safe on the road. Track your Driving Score with Zubie! It monitors bad driving habits such as rapid accelerating and hard braking, and provides suggestions for improvement. You can even compete with friends by comparing your Driving Scores on the Leaderboard and sharing them on Facebook. Zubie is great for parents, too. With Zubie’s real-time information, you can coach teen drivers–without having to be in the passenger seat. Drive confidently knowing Zubie is keeping track of your car’s diagnostics. Zubie automatically alerts you to potential vehicle problems (like a dying car battery) before they occur. And if the Check Engine Light is on, Zubie will let you know why. Always Smart tracking simplifies travel plans and gives you added peace of mind. Easily locate friends and family who are on the road, and receive alerts when they arrive or depart common locations such as school, home and work. Need to coordinate a ride? Create groups to privately and securely share locations to simplify get-togethers and carpool plans. View daily stats, recent trips and more. See how much your last trip cost or if there’s a shorter route to work. Each driver profile allows you to view stats on your last trip, such as top speed, idle time, miles driven and more. The Zubie Key plugs into your car’s diagnostic port in minutes!

From the Manufacturer

Zubie makes driving easier, safer and less expensive. The Zubie Key is a smart device that plugs into your car’s OBD (on-board diagnostics) port and delivers important vehicle health, safety, and driving behavior information to you through the Zubie Smartphone App. With Zubie, you can improve driving skills, discover and prevent costly car problems, and keep loved ones safer on the road.

Introducing Zubie

  • Make driving easier, safer and less expensive
  • Zubie provides safety, vehicle health and driving assistance tools for a better driving experience
  • Smart Device (Zubie Key) and Smartphone App work together to capture and present important driving information about car and driver
  • Zubie Key is compatible with most vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later

Secure Location Sharing

  • Zubie lets you track both vehicle and phone locations at all times with our always-connected technology
  • Set up secure groups and see members’ locations on a map anytime
  • Receive alerts when your car travels outside of an area you’ve set
  • Know when loved ones reach or leave pre-set places (like school, home or work)

Save Money on Your Car

  • Understand what the Check Engine Light means without having to visit the mechanic
  • Get repair tips and estimates
  • Receive possible discounts for automotive service and repairs
  • Save on insurance based on good driving behavior

Easy to use

The Zubie Key inserts into the OBDII port located neatly under the dash and takes minutes to activate- no professional help required. Access your account 24-7 from your smartphone, tablet or any desktop PC.

Security and Privacy

We take your privacy very seriously, and do not share your information with third parties without your consent.

IFTTT Integration

Connect Zubie to the rest of your world with IFTTT (If This Then That). Automate other apps, services, and devices based on Zubie events. Log trips to a spreadsheet, get a call when your teenager breaks curfew, turn lights on in your smart home and more.

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