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Let’s face it, our smartphones follow us wherever we go these days. At Zuli we are leveraging this phenomenon to help you control your home. Lights and appliances adjust to who you are, what room you’re in, and what your preferences are to make you more comfortable and energy efficient.

The Zuli smartplug communicates with your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy, giving you unmatched control, monitoring and automation at an affordable price.

Just plug a Zuli smartplug into any standard US outlet, connect any light or appliance, and download our free app. Set up your smartplug and you’ll instantly have control of your devices from your smartphone.

With 1 Zuli smartplug (Control Pack), you’ll receive all the benefits of on/off control, dimming of lights, scheduling, and energy monitoring of your favorite device.

Zuli - smartplugs

Make an entrance

Never fumble for a light switch again. Zuli Smartplugs detect your presence as you enter a room and automatically turn on the lights.

Live comfortably

Customize your home to adapt to you. Arrive home to music playing, the heater turning on, or anything else you can imagine.

Peace of mind

Zuli Smartplugs know when nobody is home and shut off any unused devices to save you energy and money.


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