Last Tuesday, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas concluded the epic event – 2014 Niagara Summit hosted by Tridium, and marked the milestone of, leading software company, DGLogik, Inc.’s, latest release of the most advanced IoT software solution, DGLux5.

“We are very excited to announce DGLux5 and I am more than pleased with the success of introducing this cutting-edge software to the building automation community at Niagara Summit. Being built in HTML5 from ground up, DGLux5 is a true cross-platform solution for the Internet of Things and currently the only one of its kind. I firmly believe that this is the wave of the future. Providing a visual web application development environment that doesn’t require any apps or plugins in the browser is a significant advancement of today’s technology,” says CEO of DGLogik, Inc., Eugene Mazo.

DGLogik’s revolutionary DGLux5 is the most powerful HTML5-based IoT software solution on the market today. It is the enhanced DGLux edition and the advanced IoT software delivering a new, ultrafast core platform which allows users to enable and visualize data faster than ever before.  It provides modern design tool features and a responsive layout environment that will run and adapt to any screen size on any browser platform, including mobile.

Further adding to this, DGLux5 delivers the most modern development tool feature known as Dataflow, DGLux’s visual programming environment, that allows users to create web-based applications and logic sequences without writing a single line of code.  DGLux5 truly bridges the gap between designers and developers, and defines scalability between desktops and mobile devices.

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About DGLogik, Inc.

Founded in 2007, DGLogik, Inc., is a San Francisco based technology company providing innovative software solutions that enable, drive, and visualize the Internet of Things (IoT). The modern software company has an open distributed intelligence platform facilitating device inter-communication, logic and visualization. DGLogik’s award-winning technologies simplify the creation and implementation of smart and connected devices via a visual programming interface.