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DigiCert, a global SSL Certification Authority (CA) and the leading provider of trusted certificate management solutions, continues to invest in the industry’s fastest OCSP response times that help organizations using its certificates bridge the gap between performance and security. This translates to more secure Internet of Things (IoT) and web deployments, enabling fast page and application load times with reliable certificate verification.

Recent reports from Netcraft show that DigiCert OCSP response times are up to eight times faster than the average response across the CA industry.
“Digital certificates are growing in use as a critical backbone to ensuring web user privacy and security by authenticating websites, smart devices and IoT deployments, and encrypting data in transit,” said DigiCert CSO Jason Sabin. “The need for speedy but secure deployments increases as businesses look to grow their consumer base via mobile and IoT deployments. Fast OCSP served over the edge helps to meet consumer expectations of nearly instantaneous page loads while providing essential security.”

DigiCert enables fast certificate verification checking by working with leading content distribution networks (CDNs) to serve OCSP responses over the edge. The company also geolocates OCSP response servers to shorten the distance that validation checks need to travel, helping assure consistently fast, secure page loads anywhere in the world.

In addition to enabling the IoT, DigiCert’s fast OCSP response times are supporting collaborative research initiatives made possible by international grid supercomputing. Fast, secure connections are key to researchers being able to collaborate in real-time via connected networks. Large-scale, certificate-based authentication and encryption helps researchers across multiple global universities and labs confidently share key findings and work together to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

A few of the projects supported by DigiCert-secured grids include the Large Hadron Collider, cancer research, deep space exploration via the European Space Agency’s Copernicus program, studies examining glacier melt and the effects of climate change, and collaboration to improve economic development across geopolitical boundaries.

“DigiCert has a singular focus on enhancing online trust and reliability in all forms, including working to ensure our server infrastructure supports expanding web use cases,” said DigiCert CTO Dan Timpson. “We look at each day as an opportunity to improve, and we’re driven by the many important initiatives that our efforts support, as increasingly innovative organizations are partnering with DigiCert to enable PKI protections for their next-generation projects.”

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